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  1. JB has been very dismissive of the risk of lawsuits to his future AWB. I do wonder how much of it is driven by the fact they only listen to lawyers for gun control groups who of course tell them that Bruen doesn’t implicate any potential gun control law they want to pass.
  2. JB has been very dismissive of the threat of legal challenges to a ban. Either he is sleeping on Bruen or just lying to the state. Even the CT AG admitted recently that their ban could be in trouble.
  3. Yeah I do think the courts are going to block AWB, so I’m curious how aggressive Illinois Dems are going to be pushing the boundaries on this. Will they push for confiscation as was originally pondered in some news articles?
  4. Normally I’d agree with you but the democrats had such a strong showing last night (generally and also in Illinois) that I’m pretty sure JB was winning regardless of the GOP candidate. A rough time on guns is coming in this state and the courts are the only backstop.
  5. Apparently Nancy Rotering spoke at the meeting. Curious if the legality of such legislation was mentioned at all? Especially as Highland Park is currently defending their own ban in court.
  6. Yeah I mean we’ve seen lawyers for gun control groups telling Illinois legislators that Bruen has no impact on current Illinois gun laws nor potential future assault weapons bans. That’s flagrantly wrong. They are in denial and these attempts to gaslight their constituents and lawmakers will end as we see more and more federal judges enjoining gun control laws under Bruen.
  7. That reads more like a gun control press release instead of a news article.. embarrassing for that site.
  8. The lack of understanding (or acceptance) of Bruen by gun control groups continues to astound me. They really seem to have no plan other than to keep hammering on gun bans that are now clearly unconstitutional.
  9. Well the legislative makeup may not change in our favor but the longer they delay in moving forward with a vote, the more the legal landscape will develop in our favor as more bans are enjoined and struck down. That provides a stronger argument against passage of a ban when the time comes.
  10. I love that Highland Park was sued. Maybe they can worry more about defending their own doomed gun ban instead of lobbying Springfield and DC to pass new AWBs.
  11. Rich now thinking a special session is not looking likely. Good news as this gives the California and Maryland AWB cases more time to develop. Benitez in CA is primed to rule their ban unconstitutional (again) within a few months. https://capitolfax.com/2022/08/29/special-session-not-looking-likely/
  12. Bearing Arms reporting that Illinois Dems are still deciding whether to pass an AWB before or after the election. The more this can be delayed the better, to give the current mag ban and AWB cases more time to move through the courts.
  13. Does that mean the state is now favoring eliminating preemption and attacking gun rights locally? That seems odd to me as I thought they already had votes locked up for a statewide ban.
  14. Haven’t heard anything. Would be pure virtue signaling. Doubt they would pass a possession ban since the other municipalities are only going after sales (and a possession ban is preempted).. and I’m pretty sure there are no ffls in town so what’s the point of a sales ban.
  15. So this is a ban on possession and not just sales? They are just ignoring the state preemption?
  16. The democrats strategy here is a head scratcher. This was clearly a show vote, which as the article notes has a better chance of backfiring than energizing democratic voters. There are a lot of gun owners who were sleeping on the possibility of a broad nationwide gun ban, and they have just been woken up.
  17. Well hopefully they can at least be persuaded to grandfather existing firearms in whatever legislation they pass. Based on the latest tribune article; sponsors are pushing hard for ways to confiscate existing “assault weapons”. Otherwise folks will be forced to keep them out of state pending the court challenges.
  18. I don’t know what to think anymore. I am stunned that outright gun confiscation is being discussed, particularly this close to an election year that looks favorable for republicans.
  19. There is a California AWB case in the 9th right now; timing will depend greatly on whether they decide to retry the entire case at the district court or just handle at the circuit level. Could be resolved in months, could be years. We just don’t know yet.
  20. Full article text: Proposed legislation calling for a statewide ban on assault weapons originally introduced in the Illinois General Assembly more than 16 months ago has new life after a gunman killed seven people and wounded dozens more at Highland Park’s Fourth of July Parade. However, complications remain. Between July 6 and Thursday, 13 additional sponsors joined the author, state Sen. Omar Aquino, D-Chicago, and one other sponsor officially supporting the bill, according to the General Assembly website. Those new sponsors include three from Lake County: state senators Melinda Bush, D-Grayslake, Adriane Johnson, D-Buffalo Grove, and Julie Morrison, D-Lake Forest. The proposed legislation makes possession of an assault weapon illegal in Illinois unless the gun was both owned before the bill becomes law and is registered with the State Police. Similar legislation introduced early this year by state Rep. Maura Hirschauer, D-Batavia, had but one co-sponsor before the Highland Park massacre. Between July 6 and Thursday support grew as 45 more representatives joined, including five from Lake County, according to the website. “We cannot continue to sit silently while people’s parents, children, and friends get shot to death in masses at parades, grocery stores, and schools,” Aquino said in a news release Tuesday. “I can’t fathom living in a state where my children have to constantly fear for their lives on a daily basis.” With the state legislature not scheduled to meet before the fall, Aquino said if a special session suggested in the “coming months” by Gov. J.B. Pritzker and legislative leaders is held, he will explore the possibility of pursuing a vote on the assault weapon ban at that time. Morrison said she is hopeful the bill can become law in the next few months. It will likely require negotiating between different senators and representatives before a final product reaches the governor’s desk. She is hoping for a special session in September. “We are looking at putting together a deal as a package,” Morrison said. “We’re looking at a lot of things to get a signed bill. I keep getting calls every day to please, please, please get this done.” State Rep. Rita Mayfield, D-Waukegan, became a co-sponsor of the house bill on July 6 along with 22 of her colleagues, according to the website. She said a bigger challenge than securing votes for passage is getting the existing assault weapons out of circulation. Mayfield said potential solutions would require surrender of the guns, or putting a provision in the law allowing the state to purchase the existing assault weapons from the lawful owners. Both ideas pose obstacles. She said the addition of the co-sponsors makes passage likely. “We need a process,” Mayfield said. “We need an effective way to get them off the street. The law as it is, is a good first step. How do you take a gun from someone who has legally purchased it? Should it include a provision to purchase them? How do we find out how many there are?” State Rep. Bob Morgan, D-Deerfield, is another co-sponsor. He said there are circumstances where police can lawfully seize weapons, including assault weapons. Provisions can be included in the legislation which will not only ban possession of the weapons, but reduce the number in Illinois as well. Morgan said he was in the staging area for the Highland Park parade, three blocks from the gunman, when he heard the shots. After making sure his family was safe, he ran to the scene to help. “The shooting was over,” Morgan said. “There were people laying there. There weren’t enough ambulances.” Joining Mayfield and Morgan as co-sponsors from Lake County are state representatives Dan Didech, D- Buffalo Grove, Joyce Mason, D-Gurnee, and Sam Yingling, D-Grayslake. Johnson said while a nationwide assault weapon ban is preferable, passing one for Illinois is within her control and will help. She also wants to explore legislation to make gun manufacturers legally accountable for the carnage their products produce based in part on their marketing. “They are grooming kids to be the next generation of gun enthusiasts,” Johnson said. “Mass shootings are really domestic terrorism. Gun manufacturers and dealers are contributing to that.”
  21. Tribune has an article up today (can’t link or quote due to paywall that’s blocking me now) where legislators are talking about implementing a buyback or outright confiscation in the bill instead of grandfathering.
  22. “After Tuesday's debate, the city council voted to make changes to the ordinance, directing staff and the city attorney to add an exemption for police, law enforcement and military personnel. The changes also remove handgun sales and the sale of large capacity magazines for handguns from the proposed ban.“ I wonder what the point of this change is. It’s not like the two gun shops would be able to stay in business selling only to LEO and military.
  23. “ Legal experts said it could be quite some time before the justices take on such a high-profile Second Amendment challenge again. Before last month’s ruling, it had been more than a decade since the justices handed down their decisions in the Heller and McDonald cases that established a personal right to bear arms. “Generally speaking, the court’s view is that it leaves even important legal questions by and large to lower courts to decide in the first instance,” said Eugene Volokh, a professor at UCLA School of Law. “It takes a while for a new case to go up.”” This is what worries me. Thomas and Alito are not getting any younger.. there needs to be some sense of urgency for this court to take aggressive action on 2a cases to correct the past decade of improper circuit court rulings.
  24. As this is a sales ban; all this seems to do is run any gun shop in Naperville out of town. Law Weapons & Supply and Range USA come to mind as two in Naperville that would be run out of town due to this.
  25. Of course, Shannon Watts herself just released an op ed promising an AWB for Illinois. I’m sure there is a full court press happening. https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/11/opinions/guns-bill-congress-white-house-biden-watts/index.html
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