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  1. An event worth celebrating and a moment to give thanks to those who fought for so long to achieve such a win. Had we not won that, Illinois would have likely had to wait until Bruen for CCW and I would expect we would then be dealing with the unconstitutional “Bruen response bills” in this state as well.
  2. They could be delaying release of a denial to give time for some of the justices to write a scolding letter to the lower courts as was done in the Second Circuit.
  3. Yeah agreed. The state won’t let this one go. But I think it’s a moot discussion anyway. If the 7th circuit rules allow for the emergency motions panel to also hear the case on the merits, then there is no chance Easterbrook is passing that up. He will absolutely take the chance to thumb his nose at the court one more time. Our side will be the ones appealing to Scotus.
  4. Ok it’s not welcome news to hear from Mark that the three judge panel that maintained the stay might very well be the panel to hear the merits.
  5. Yeah just like our side didn’t help them draft the original bill, we shouldn’t help them after the fact by proposing fixes. Let them deal with the bill as it is and use the new legal avenues of attack that were just opened up for future challenges.
  6. The one ever so small upside to this happening is that Scotus can’t dodge the Naperville emergency motion as moot anymore.. so maybe this slightly increases the chance of them intervening at this stage.
  7. SCOTUS has a chance to directly rebuke this with the emergency petition in front of them for the Naperville case (a petition no longer moot with this stay of the injunction). I sincerely hope they take this seriously and provide direction before this subversion of Bruen is allowed to continue. Don’t make the decade of mistakes that happened post Heller.
  8. This really feels like a case that should have been parked while the Southern District cases advance with a much more favorable record…
  9. Yeah what’s frustrating is that scotus had the chance to take Bianchi right after Bruen and settle the gun ban issue but chose instead to GVR and punt it so the lower courts could come up with new games to subvert the Bruen test. Thomas and Alito must be more confident about their personal health and wellness than I am to let these core issues bounce back for a few years in the same courts that flagrantly ignored Heller.
  10. I like how he categorized 1 million to each judge as “some money” like he found some change behind the couch and gave it to a campaign. He was lead donor for at least one of the judges campaigns and he is lead defendant on a case they are hearing. This is very different than cutting a hundred dollar check to the DNC.
  11. Yeah I wonder if he didn’t have knowledge of this at that time? I mean plaintiff’s attorney not bringing up the fact that two judges each received 500k+ from the lead defendant on the suit has to be legal malpractice.
  12. Nice job!!! Illinois Supreme Court will have a hard time dodging this attention. Should be brought up at every opportunity as this case proceeds.
  13. This is a state court case, no risk to the state appealing to the Illinois Supreme Court and they have already done so. They probably stand a good chance of prevailing in that court. The risk comes in the federal cases where potential appeals up the 7th to scotus could set precedent binding in other states.
  14. Yeah Moros didn’t seem concerned that Naperville would slow down or otherwise consolidate into these four cases.
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