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  1. On 4/13/2023 at 9:10 PM, Euler said:

    Read the last two pages of posts in this thread. There was a hearing on the motion for a preliminary injunction.


    Thank you, sir. Molly B. was telling me about it, but I should have been taking notes!  She's telling me of one case that will affect another case and she explained everything quite well, but all the case names got jumbled up in my head.


    I applied for my foid on 1/10/2019 and it still shows under review even tho for 2 weeks it says approved when I use the inspect element. I can’t even get through to isp on the phone, idk what’s going on; any idea? I’m in crook county


    They are overwhelmed with renewals and new applications, an antiquated phone system that is mostly fails, and understaffed.



    Well then we better be overwhelmed at the IGOLD sign-in tables at Springfield this year!!

  3. When I was getting my concealed carry permit, I asked my attorney who he would recommend for a good firearms attorney. He said that Jerry Lund is very good in the area of law where firearms would apply. I trust my attorney and I trust his advice. Jerry Lund's info is as follows:



    Jerry Lund


    Vella and Lund

    401 W State St #300, Rockford, IL







    From the Vella and Lund website:


    Jerry A. Lund is a partner with Vella & Lund and has been with the firm since 1988. Since joining the firm he has successfully represented numerous individuals charged in both State and Federal Courts.


    Attorney Lund has handled criminal investigations and prosecutions involving drug conspiracy, murder, HUD fraud, defense contractor fraud, bank fraud, reckless homicide, and Driving Under the Influence. He has represented a wide array of individuals, including law enforcement officers, corporate executives, public officials, business owners, professional athletes, and lawyers.


    Attorney Lund has represented individuals in state courts throughout Illinois. He is also a member of the Federal Trial Bar and has handled federal cases in every district in Illinois, and in Federal District Courts in Washington, Texas, Missouri and Wisconsin. He has obtained not guilty verdicts on a wide array of cases, including First Degree Murder. He has extensive experience in narcotics cases, and has obtained not guilty verdicts and suppression orders in numerous drug cases.


    Prior to joining the firm, Attorney Lund was a Winnebago County Assistant State's Attorney. He received his B.S. from the University of Illinois Urbana Champion and his J.D. from Northern Illinois University School of Law, cum laude.

  4. We need to get behind Todd, the ISRA and Illinois Carry and start pushing right now.


    Everyone needs to call their legislators and make sure they know that you support concealed carry in Illinois.


    once the language of a Bill is finalized and pushed by Todd, the ISRA and Illinois Carry we need to get behind them and help push this through.


    No more squabbling, we have the momentum and we can get this done if we all push together.


    If you are on other forums, invite Illinois residents to join Illinois Carry and help us to get this done.


    One of the Best quotes in a long while and I'm glad it came from Bud!


    I have it copied and saved and all but engraved in bronze somewhere.


    And don't think for a second that I'm afraid to use it!!

  5. Okay I figured it out, the problem is that your link is to a playlist with that video inside of it, if you click the share button it will provide a link to use and that is what we need for the board.



    I'm an idiot. Drunk.gif


    Thanks Chris, I should have caught that.


    Ok - a single video within a playlist... That's why I failed to notice that. thumbsup.png


    No problem, they changed the layout of the playlists a bit.


    All I can say is, you guys sure know how to make an old guy feel like an idiot!!

    Yes, and you're not the only one!!


    So you click the 'Share' that appears in the video window and then a small window appears with the Embed code. You then click Copy and copy the code.


    Then here in the Replying to Editor -- you click in the 'Other styles' drop down menu and click 'YouTube Embedd'. You then paste the embed code into the little window appearing underneath the video and click add.


    Is that correct??

  6. 3. The handgun ban and the trigger-lock requirement (as applied to

    self-defense) violate the Second Amendment.


    Similarly, the requirement that any lawful firearm in the

    home be disassembled or bound by a trigger lock makes it impossible

    for citizens to use arms for the core lawful purpose of self-defense and

    is hence unconstitutional.


    Geezus. Why isn't Daley behind bars then? Why haven't the feds seized his a**? OMG.


    EXACTLY!! Why is it....when these arrogant politicians stick their middle finger up at the law....that they're not prosecuted??


    We see what happens when gangsters aren't prosecuted for gun crimes....we have rampant shootings going on unpunished.


    And so, what do you suppose happens when arrogant politicians flaunt their immunity from prosecution? We get TYRANNY! That's what you get!


    Arrest Daley!! (It may happen soon anyway. That's just wishful thinking, though.)

  7. Senate 48th (Hultgren), House 96th (Dunn)


    This is my first post, but I have been an avid reader for over a year. I don't know what help I can be, because I am currently serving in Iraq 'til November. If you know something I can help on, please let me know.

    Welcome to the board, SSG_Digital!!

    By serving in Iraq you're doing an outstanding job NOW, I'd say!!

    As these gun issues come up the General Assembly, you can always email your legislaters and tell them how they should vote the issues. Can servicemen overseas vote absentee in state/local elections? I'm not sure on that one. You may want to inquire. But there is one thing I know you can do.....

    Be careful!

    We'll see ya when you get back!

    Keep up the good fight.

    And you do the same!

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