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  1. I don't mean to be short or snippy with the members here, if it sounded that way, I apologize. But since the Dems have seized power after what was called an election, they've been playing fast and loose with the laws of the land. Look at how some Dem state governors changed the election laws on the fly, under the auspices of safety due to the virus. And even though this was not conforming to election laws, the election results were accepted. So any expectation involving the Constitution, State or Federal law, goes right out the window with the current Administration and Congress. And very soon, I fear, the Supreme Court. In short, all bets are off.
  2. Constitution? What's a Constitution?! This is the new Democratic States of Amerika. Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are flushing the Constitution down the toilet! Don't you folks remember the election we just went through? Was THAT in any way Constitutional?!
  3. The SCOTUS is on thin ice with the shenanigans to add states to the Union and packing the court. I would no longer count on the Constitution as a firewall. We lost the country when some refused to vote for Trump and when the GOP didn't push for a fair election.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/house-set-to-vote-on-dc-statehood-but-all-eyes-are-on-the-senate/ar-BB1fVsOb https://www.cbsnews.com/news/washington-dc-51st-state-bill-senate-democrats/ It's plain to see that Pelosi and Schumer are stealing the country with a blatant power grab! And the Main Stream Media isn't even trying to hide it!!
  5. How many times did they keep repeating he's a gun owner...like that matters! I agree. How many shotgun owning Fudds are out there, that have no objection to a ban on our sporting rifles? In a reversed situation, I would be very against a ban on sporting shotguns if they were on the chopping block. By vocalizing so loudly that he's a gun owner, they are just trying to white wash a very dark future on the horizon.
  6. Quick tip: You can tell when Biden is lying. It will be when his lips are moving.
  7. No one said he was the one actually dialing the phone to his handler. In fact I would guess he isn't allowed anywhere near a phone without a handler present, don't want him making random calls to random numbers. "Hello?? . . . Hunter?? . . .Hello?? . . . Who?? . . . I don't know where his laptop is! . . . He lost ANOTHER one?!"
  8. Are you sure he remembers Obama, let alone his phone number. He even forgot what office he was running for!! He's on video saying he was "proud to be running for Senate!" He's working completely off crib notes and the prompter.
  9. Here's your answer, Molly! Biden creates commission to study potential Supreme Court expansion! https://news.yahoo.com/biden-creates-commission-study-potential-152239916.html Don't believe all the hype about the commission's members represent the full political spectrum and "is intended to study the arguments both in favor of and against the reforms proposed in these areas." Biden has not been truthful about any of his actions yet! Everything he has done has been crafted to radically transform America into a progressive, socialist eutopia!
  10. Just remember - this is only Biden's first step. We have absolutely no clue what this one party government will try to steamroll through! So far, they have not worked with Republicans AT ALL!! The Dems have been jamming through all kinds of radical Left and progressive wish list stuff and saying to heck with what the Republicans think!! Don't think for one second that this is over!
  11. Thanks for that info. It explains the discrepancy in wait times. Years ago, after many past background checks sailing through at maybe a minute or two wait on a phone call, I was INSTANTLY refused during the background check.. My dealer at the time, a long time personal friend said, "WOW! You just got refused! And I mean INSTANTLY!!" He said refusals, in his experience, seldom happened so fast. Since we were longtime friends, he called a friend downstate who looked into it. What happened was my renewed FOID card had been RETURNED AS UNDELIVERABLE by my local Post Office, because it didn't have my P.O. box included in my mailing address. Upon receiving my returned FOID card, the ISP red flagged my purchase. A friend who works in the postal service (not in that office) said "Yes, that can happen. Personnel don't HAVE to deliver mail that doesn't have a P.O. box included in the address. " I asked, "Then why does all the JUNK mail sail right on through!?" She said, "Well, it's mainly because, junk mail is the postal service's bread and butter." Incidentally, my wife and I had then renewed our FOID cards at the same exact time and at the same exact place. We both each filled out our own forms separately. She had included our P.O. box in the address portion. I had not. Her renewed FOID card was successfully delivered without any fuss. Or drama. Bottom line, be careful how you fill out any and all forms. Your renewal FOID forms, too.
  12. How many folks do you suppose bought guns and STILL voted for Biden? Huh? How many?
  13. Only a RHINO would vote WITH Pelosi 1 outa 3. A Conservative friend has said he'll vote Dem to get rid of Kinzinger.
  14. Hard to believe this bill comes out of Texas. It shines a bright light on what's going on down there with the flood of Lefties moving into the Lone Star State.
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