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  1. My wife Applied 12/27/2015 with prints QC_Verified 2/10/2016 Active 3/3/2016 In hand 3/10/2015
  2. I am really getting slow LOL... I just finally got it WALMART THREAD
  3. MKA 1919 like The Pigman uses? Sorry missed the comma LOL... Should read AR, shotguns, 22LR rifles etc etc etc...
  4. Illinois Wally walk done in Johnsburg ( north of Mchenry) they have ammo AND guns. (AR shotgun etc....)
  5. Finally !!! Applied 1/5 12:01 AM Approved 2/28 6 PM Postmarked 3/4 In Mailbox 3/7 Prints Non Instructor Lake County :frantics:
  6. Submit 1/5 12AM Approved 2/28 6PM Mail woman came, No permit today 3/6/14
  7. Welcome and thanks Fistful... Yes we're all very happy ....(although still stalking the mailman for another day or two LOL)
  8. Jimmy the HTML code under the web page now shows ACTIVE but the displayed area says APPROVED. Previously my "Under Review" had HTML code that said APPROVED under the web page. Just view the code using Right Click then "Inspect Element" and hover over "Under Review" when viewing your application logged in.
  9. If Walmart were to go Union the company would be DOA in no time flat.... Unions have killed off every industry they have infected.... Heck thank the Union teachers for saddling us (and our childrens children) with a 110 BILLION Dollar pension debt as well as bankrupting the state budget....AND property owners across the state with ridiculous property taxes to pay for extorted teacher contracts..
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