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  1. A guy on FB went under board review, submitted his response and went active 50 hours after he hit send.
  2. Probably same as when it was 30 days... nothing.A lawsuit could be filed, but by the time it gets to court the plaintiff would have their card and the case would get tossed.
  3. They have 60 days to process renewals. If he submitted and is just waiting for his card, relax. He's still valid till the new card comes.
  4. This^^It's not our fault ISP cannot fulfill the duties mandated by law they perform. If they are unable to follow the law it should be repealed.
  5. If you intend to stay a NC resident you cannot get a FOID or CCL. You can car carry on your NC permit. Yes, you can have firearms in your house. The carrying on your property might be a little fuzzy. If you are going to get an IL drivers license and become a resident here in the land of suck, then apply for your FOID as soon as you get your DL. You can take the CCL training now and get that out of the way.
  6. Talking about PBR, lol PBR is nasty!!!! Come on people , just 49 more posts. Isn't there a 'PBR prohibited' on the door at Walmart?
  7. Yeah, but it was usually at least a 20 minute wait for them to find an employee with a foid to sell ammo.
  8. I've stopped looking at the ammo case in my local Walmart. Is the .22 stock back up to pre obummer days?
  9. I'd wager there's a large percentage of the membership here who have a Florida non-resident permit, myself included. How'd you go about that process? I've been sort of looking into it but am unsure of how to do so.I went to FL and did mine. Much more enjoyable doing it that way. Had the license in 23 days.
  10. You can try another lawsuit, but you will be 21 by the time it's decided. http://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38962&page=1
  11. Fortunate this thread has popped up. I just renewed my ratings (expire next month) and it slipped my mind to send ISP a copy.
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