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  1. Okay, this thread is getting some age to it, but rather than start a new one, I'll continue to ask my question here. I have renewed my instructor credentials, but of the 3 emails I received back from the NRA confirming this, there was nothing that I could/would send to the Il. state to prove my renewed certification. Any help would be appreciated as to what to do next. Other than a confirmation of my log in ID, this is all I received back. I did get my wallet card showing my credentials, but that's all. Dear NRA Instructors, Coaches and Range Safety Officers Thank you for your order On behalf of NRA Education and Training we hope that you enjoy your new premium ID Card. Please carry it with pride knowing you are most often the first contact that individuals have with the NRA and are an integral part of the NRA Education and Training Team. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your new card to arrive. As always if you have questions contact your Regional/State liaison or HQ directly at 703-267-1500 / training@nrahq.org. Best of luck in your Training. NRA Certified Instructors NRA Education and Training is in the process of updating old lesson plans. This started with the creation of NRA CCW and now includes Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and RSO Lesson Plans. The new lesson plans are in the PowerPoint (PPT) format with the Lesson Plan embedded in the “notes” section. Because of a recent E&T survey, the new lesson plans will be available in both printed format, via the Program Materials Center or for free download on NRAI. As a result, Pistol and Shotgun lesson plans that have not been available in hard-copy, will be in the very near future. You may use your existing stock of old Lesson Plans. On depletion of current stock it is required to switch to the new format. New lesson plans will no longer contain a CD. The replacement for the CD, if you choose to purchase hard copies of the lesson plans, is the download function in your NRAI portal. The use of the most current PowerPoint presentation in conjunction with the new lesson plans will ensure the most effective learning experience for the end user. We appreciate your patience as we continue to make NRA training better for you our most valuable customer, and your students. Train hard and stay safe, NRA Education and Training Signed on 5/13/2022 6:00:45 PM
  2. Please tell me what steps are necessary to up my credentials. I.ve been looking around here but can't find anything definitive.
  3. Thanks to all for the good advice and information. It's just what I wanted to know.
  4. Please tell me the necessary steps to take to get my 14 year old grandson a foid card. Our local sporting good's store used to take care of this on site, but no longer does so. Thanks in advance.
  5. My card expires 1/1/19 which is about 10 months away. In order to avoid the pitfalls of a denial for some unforeseen reason, (mistake on the application or for that matter just a really slow process) how soon would you suggest I submit my renewal application?
  6. Thanks for the replies. I guess we'll start the process to get the cards for the kids.
  7. I guess I didn't search this site very well because I couldn't find any info. on the minimum age to get an FOID card. I have a couple grads kids turning 13. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Well I got mine in the mail today too. I can't believe they used my drivers license photo instead of the digital one I sent them, and my number is longer than my ss number, but at least I am a free man today.
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