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  1. Renewed: 11/27/20 for 02/01/21 expiration Went active: unknown(stopped checking) Issued: 9/7/21 Received: 9/15/21 Total wait time: 292 days Only positive is my renewal date is now 8/26/31 so received an extra 6 months and 25 days from my previous renewal date. Hopefully, with any luck this will be my last FOID card ever. ED Sullivan seems to think a current ISRA case pending in the courts will abolish the FOID. Time will tell on that one.
  2. So are we still under Pritzker's Emergency Powers? Last I knew he had extended them again and was going to open up in late June. I just want to be sure of when the 6 month FOID expiration starts after his powers cease.
  3. Anyone else notice the lack of indictments and/or investigations on Chitcago's Dems since Biden took over?
  4. My first question(s) if they allowed comments would be.... And just how do you plan on going about this after throwing your weight behind enhancing its restricitions? Mandatory registration by the law abiding? Cosmetic and capacity bans?
  5. They're obviously not wanting to see the pushback. While they sent out their Thursday bulletin, they have yet to post their link to it on their Facebook page as they normally do. They are nothing more than elite politicians now: "You don't know what you want, we know what's best for you. Just shut up and deal with it."
  6. Curious... Do you contact your Rep/Sen stating that you oppose their stance on it but promise to vote for them in the next election? How do you who support anti gunners, yet oppose anti gun legislation defend yourselves? Can you answer without deflecting?
  7. I'd be happy to. Not ragging on you, but not standing behind your belief as the same as mine. Welcome to infighting, if you will.
  8. That appears to be factions of Ds screwing with each other. The pro-Modernization Ds pulled Fix-the-FOID back from passage, so now the pro-Fix-the-FOID Ds pulled Modernization back from passage. The ISRA was still irrelevant. I think it goes beyond that. My concern is something I alluded to earlier in this thread in relation to the procedural holds. I'm not going to detail things in public but, if this goes as I fear it could, then ISRA has been played to a degree that was not immediately apparent. Flood your representative and Senator. State your opposition today is what It will be tomorrow. NO new FOID regulations and NO new firearm owner restrictions.
  9. Why did you not ask Traitor Pearson this when you had him on the phone for 20 minutes?
  10. That appears to be factions of Ds screwing with each other. The pro-Modernization Ds pulled Fix-the-FOID back from passage, so now the pro-Fix-the-FOID Ds pulled Modernization back from passage. The ISRA was still irrelevant. Doubt it is factions of D's screwing with each other. Seems to be a place holder while they debate amongst themselves on more restrictive bills. Keeps it from being sent to the governor in the case they can gain more. Are you a D that supports the 2A? Confused on this response....
  11. My interpretation is all transfers, private sell, family hand me downs or inheritances need to be recorded with an FFL. In the advent there is not an FFL or that FFL can no longer retain the records, they/(possibly you) turn it over to the state. Is that ISP or some other entity? Not disclosed. This bill is no good, for the gun owner or seller. I can only imagine how some of our members who support their anti-gun legislators converse. Please oppose HB-562 I don't support it, but rest assured no matter how you vote, you have my vote next election. Smooches....
  12. I thought the Senate was out? Shoot, yes they are. It's been a long day. It's corrected to House Supplemental Calendar 2. ETA I have coding for supplemental calendars pre-typed so I can just plug in the URL and post it quickly. I plugged it into the wrong line this time. No worries, after the motion to reconsider had me worried Senate called an emergency session for 1091. I can't imagine your behind the scenes going ons during these things, plus keeping the forum updated. When I first arrived here you were doing them on critical days, and shortly thereafter switched to daily(or in session) threads. Your dedication does not go unnoticed, and I send another Thank You your way.
  13. From Todd via his IL Gun Lobby FB page "Roll call on HB-562 8 republicans supported a registry of private sales and only one downstate dem voted NO"
  14. I'll also add, compromise is one thing, this was not. I remember a lot of anxiety and frustrations when CC was being implemented. Phelps bill 997? was the preffered bill by all, but that was not feasibke under Madigan. What we got was still good, but not the best, but that's what it was. Todd even stated, as well as Valinda, there was no holding out for a better bill, it was XX or restrictive, 997 was never an option. Here there was an option, oppose. Simple and to the point. Restrictions equal no, end of point.
  15. He does not represent voters. He represents members of the ISRA and all legal gun owners in IL. No one else. I'm not a life member luckily, almost did but opted not to. I am with the NRA and partially regret that, even bumped up a couple times. That is even on hold. ISRA went out on their own and decided what is best for those they represent, not what those they represent feel is best. They sold out, they, caved, they folded, they succumbed to the pressure....... THEY FAILED. They failed their motto and oath, they failed members past and present and they failed to uphold anything they are supposed to stand for. Anti gun groups are going to swarm IL the next session, you watch what gets proposed. ISRA bent a knee and they will pounce., strike while the iron is hot. We can add National Shooting Sports Foundation to that list as well. Traitors.
  16. Wonder if there is anyway for ISRA members to file a class action for misrepresentation? ISRA definitely sought their own preference today and who knows what they cave to in the future. I hope other national gun groups as well as the NRA come out and admonish their actions publicly and loudly.
  17. They didn't have the votes for the evilest evil, so this one is just evil. ISRA just needs to come out and state they support the FOID Card system. They sold gun owners out and have repeatedly told their members they stand behind it when asked.
  18. Posted this in the ILGA session thread, but don't want to pollute it with ISRA disappointment. To me, all this bill wants to do is end what private FFL's still exist and make ISP the defacto records keeper, cough registration, and transferer of the firearm. ISRA has screwed gun owners over pretty good if this passes. They have given them their inch, I can only imagine what lies ahead in their mile.
  19. So what happens if an FFL with hundreds of records held has a fire or some other unfortunate mishap? What happens if an FFL no longer wishes to be an FFL. How do the buyers and sellers get notified and who's responsible for getting them to another FFL? To me, all this bill wants to do is end what private FFL's still exist and make ISP the defacto records keeper, cough registration, and transferer of the firearm.
  20. Republicans should walk out and deny them a quorum if they have the numbers
  21. So in other words since 1091 didn't have the votes to pass the Senate because it was too restrictive/demanding, they were forced to make a less restrictive/demanding bill to gain those missing votes. To me, it sounds like those not wanting to vote for it were in "at the table" and ISRA could have still opposed it, but they decided to file neutral then push House members behind closed doors to vote for it, so they were in fact proponents. The secret is already out on that. How many moderate D's will vote for it at the request of the ISRA and face the same backlash and potentially lose their seat next election to a bigger anti as a result? I sure hope no R's listened to them.
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