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  1. And, make no mistake, Pritzker and Kelly absolutely want mandatory fingerprints and private transactions through FFLs. Heck they were pushing for $50/5 year cards just two years ago. Theyre building to that, and will be back. Neither are friends of gun owners or gun rights, no matter how many flowers people want to throw at their feet now for hard work and compromise. They have just simply chosen a path of incrementalism instead of all at once. Death by a thousand cuts. You are 1000% correct. This is the same thing we have been preaching for years. They are committed to the long game.
  2. Madigan is gone, yet the corruption continues. Pitchforks and torches I guess.
  3. ISRA burned us all badly. They should pay deeply for their transgressions. Its very damning that ASC came out publicly with an official stance, this does not happen often. If ASC steps out and makes such a strong statement, people should realize where we are and where we need to be, NOW. Its time for pitchforks and torches again. #InToddWeTrust
  4. Frank You expression on your DL pic is PRICELESS!!!! Its almost like you knew years ago where it eventually would go! :-D
  5. =A1&", "&A2&", "&A3&", "&A4&", "&A5&", "&A6&", "&A7&", "&A8&", "&A9&", "&A10 Keep repeating and replace the cell numbers with the actual. I thought there was a more automated way to do it. I know I have 2 programs I wrote at work that did something like this but don't have my notes here at home. If someone can send me the excel file I will do the leg work, verify it and then send it back. Willing to help out.
  6. Is it possible that we can create a cell in those spreadsheets and publish that cell only seperate from the actual spreadsheets? I suggest the cell contain a concantination statement that pools all the email1 and email2 cells into one copyable string that people can copy and past into their email "TO:" field. ie. A1, A2, A3, ... This way people can copy and paste the entire list of rep's/senators email addresses to make eBlasts easier and more accurate. Thoughts?
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