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  1. I was looking at old emails and thought to check the status of my FOID card. It states ACTIVE and issued on April 5 but I never received it. I am living at the same address as my last renewal so it is not a bad address on file. I have not been checking with all the delays.


    On ISP website, there are only two options for reporting. Lost or stolen. I never got it. I still have my now expired FOID, is this still valid for when I need to present it ?


    Suggestions on getting a replacement? I could just put lost but I never received it.


    Thanks for any help. Daniel

  2. My FOID renewal reapplied on November 2, 2020 with expiration on Feb 2, 2021.


    Status is Under review as of 1/29/21.


    Do we have a official record/document of FOID renewals that have been reapplied before expiration date getting an extension ? If so for how long ? Where can I print a copy of this permission


    Also should I expect any issue at either Illinois gun stores or ranges where FOID is required for ammo or services like range time ?

  3. A subscriber is having problems registering an account because it doesn't seem to want to accept an email address with a hyphen in it. Anyone else with this problem or know how to work around it?


    My last name also has a hyphen in it. I signed up a few years ago so take what I say in persective. The only way I could get account here was to drop it. Now as a example if someones name is O'leary, you can change that to O leary and the system will take it. I've had this issue all my life since computers have dominated our lives. good luck

  4. question as its been a few months since I filled these out before. Under "TESTIMONY" there are three choices. Oral, written and Record of appearance only.


    Since I won't be there, which do I choose? Sorry as I did just reread the how to at the beginning of this post. Thanks for any help.


    I spent a few minutes playing around with ideas for putting some of this information into a spreadsheet. Here's a highly work-in-progress mockup with a few partial entries. I'd be interested in some feedback on whether this is worth continuing and, if so, any suggestions for improvements.




    That looks like it would be helpful. Maybe it could even be pinned when it's completed, or posted on Google docs as a public document?




    Seems like a very good idea to me.

  6. The copy and paste of no carry area's is helpful to many but to others there are far too many that are far from clear. What would be helpful is 23 examples of all the restricted area's. I understand many are obvious but there are many others that are not. Hence the the 23 examples of no carry zones.


    I don't have any questions on the zones but I think many don't want to ask about the legal description due to no wanting to look or sound dumb. They need the info even if not brave enough to ask "what does that really mean?" So simple examples of each. just my thoughts

  7. Can someone steer me to details of open carry in Wisconsin for out of staters?


    I travel through there abut 5 times a year. But would not OC without clear understanding of their OC laws as well as no carry zones and retail signage requirements.


    Thanks for any help as I hopefully will be camping there for the first time this summer. So State and national lands would also be helpful.


    Thanks guys. I'm not as sharpe on these things as I should be.


    I hope this is safe. https://scontent-b-o...049589919_n.jpg


    yes that is improved but for anyone that has the link to your photo bucket still can see your unedited pic with the info in it.. You need to delete the original unedited pic so even with the correct link, it goes to nothing. Hope that helps. If you are still confused pm me so I can give your more details.

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