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  1. Excellent. Could you freeze the top two rows so you don't lose the column headings when you scroll down? Freeze is under the View tab.
  2. Great information. Thank you. It would be cool to FCCL to population percentage by county. Also FOID to population percentages.
  3. Are you talking about traveling on the sidewalk by the parkway that runs along the property line or traveling through a property on the grounds?
  4. Me too. I think wishbone is trying to argue that being granted permission to move about on private property is akin to legal "right of way" and one could carry there due to the exemption in the FCCA. I give him kudos for thinking outside the box but I don't think that dog will hunt in court.
  5. I followed the link. It looks like we invaded Kansas and are known as "IllinoisKansas" but I am glad to see we can now carry in another state. Woot!
  6. I'm to not have to add to the paperwork workload if I don't have to. I keep a class roster, sign-in sheets and all registration information on every student in a database that has date of class, pass/fail, etc. And I also keep copies of training docs. I am hoping a simple pass/fail is all that will be required for the target.
  7. Does anyone know what written performance scores ISP is talking about here? And as far as the live-fire goes, How are you guys scoring the 70%? I just score 21 out of 30 hits on silhouette and mark that as a pass. I do not count passed 21 when scoring targets. I assume we are expected to keep records slightly more detailed than that now?
  8. There is nothing wrong with copying DD-214's. It is military id's you can't copy.
  9. See prohibited places number 3 in post number 1 in this thread.
  10. I believe the best combination for the most states without traveling is Illinois Utah and Florida to get 36 carry states. Not 100% sure though
  11. Applied 12/18 Approved for the third time on 2/28 Received 3/3 Instructor/fingerprints
  12. Much of Utah's course is covered in the Illinois course (Illinois is just a longer version and Utah law is naturally different) More states recognize Utah's license than Illinois.
  13. There are a few more that may honor us in the future. Some more info could be found in this thread. http://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=43971&hl=
  14. The "assuming no local ordinance applies" part in regards to keeping a firearm in my hotel room. My hotel room is my domicile. No local ordinance prohibiting a firearm in my hotel room would be valid. Additionally the preemption in the FCCA would prevent it anyway. The quoted language is from a badly written paragraph on an ISP brochure. I can't find anything in the law that would support any of it unless I am missing something. Additionally, isn't there preemption on transportation of all firearms? Not just handguns?
  15. Transportation still seems incorrect. Am I missing something?
  16. I finally got over to the UPS store to pick up my cards. Thank you. Very high quality.
  17. Thanks Molly. I found the brochure but the word hotel or motel does not even appear in the FOID Act. Should we assume this to no longer be correct information?
  18. I have a question about the Transportation Power Point. In slide 5 it reads Is that correct? I didn't think it could be prevented because my room would be my domicile and also because of the preemption in the FCCA. Am I missing something?
  19. I prefer PP too. What are the fees Molly? 3%? I will pay the extra percentage.
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