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  1. Excellent. Could you freeze the top two rows so you don't lose the column headings when you scroll down? Freeze is under the View tab.
  2. Great information. Thank you. It would be cool to FCCL to population percentage by county. Also FOID to population percentages.
  3. Sitting outside the Shorewood WM waiting for the Mrs. To come out. Yawn.
  4. Just spent 16 minutes and 40 seconds of my life that I will never get back stuck on hold with Walmart.
  5. I'm unfamiliar with their range. Does that happen with any kind of frequency there or just a freak thing?
  6. I have been hit with some lead splatter afew times shooting too close to the steel and I had a jacket separate and bounce back at Rink's one time and cut my leg.
  7. Are you talking about traveling on the sidewalk by the parkway that runs along the property line or traveling through a property on the grounds?
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