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  1. Well, your card is still valid now and they should take, but tough to say. I get them wanting to be careful and not risk license. It's a matter of the FFL policies. When the Covid rules first started, many would still not accept a card past its printed expired date but I havent read that lately.Dealers are required to check FOID card and they can see its active and Covid rules should be familiar now but a dealer may decline to sell ammunition and/or a firearm if they so choose. Policies on this will vary from store to store Thanks for this. I think you’re right that’s it’s definitely going to be per the FFL’s own rules on whether to accept my FOID. If I am reading all the rules and announcements correctly, as long as I have the following my FOID should be valid: (1) I had a valid FOID card that expired during the Covid emergency rules; AND (2) I have submitted the paperwork (on ISP FSB website) to have it renewed; AND (3) I renewed within the timeframe set by ISP (now 18 months) THEN: My current FOID card is still legally valid even though I’m still waiting for ISP to approve of my renewal. Now let’s just hope I can convince some FFLs of this. Has anyone been tracking which FFLs are more understanding of this situation versus the ones who are much more strict? Because I don’t think I am going to get my renewal approved before the Presidential election.
  2. Thanks. What was interesting was when I actually clicked the button that said “update address” under the FOID card section, a pop up screen came up saying that if your FOID is already expired or within 90 days of expiration, you don’t use the “edit address” function. Instead you just update your address when you renew the FOID card. So that answers that question - I don’t need to do a separate process for updating the address. I’ll just take care of it when I renew the FOID.
  3. That seems to be the course advised on other threads. Also, be sure the the information on the FOID and CCL renewal applications exactly match the DL. All should have the name and initial alike, no John Allen Smith on one and John A. Smith on another. I think street or St., avenue or ave., road or rd. should also match across all three. Thanks! I plan to do the DL first and then tackle the FOID renewal next. And yes I am going to be very careful to try to make sure everything matches perfectly.
  4. Thanks for all the info. Very much appreciated. To answer your question, yes I just signed into the FSB portal and the FOID card box says "Active" and for Expiration it says "COVID-19". The "Renew" button is active and orange. I just started the renewal process and everything was going smoothly but I didn't complete it because I want my Driver's License updated first. During the FOID renewal process, there is a section (at 55% complete) where you can update your addresses. (It's the section where you list your current address and then all the addresses you've lived at for the past 10 years.) Once I have my Driver's License renewed with address updated, I will then update that section with the new address. I am hoping that is the section where I update the address and everything works out. Another question (and maybe I need to start a new thread for this one): Once I renew my FOID card online and have the confirmation email, will FFL dealers accept my "expired" FOID card along with the ISP COVID announcement and email confirmation as proof that I am still a valid FOID card holder? I'd like to make some purchases before our next Presidential election. PS - I was a supporting member several times in the past. I need to renew that and will.
  5. Cant edit my original post so Ill just add TLDR version: My FOID card expired in July after Covid extension rules were already put in place. My question is this: can I renew the now expired FOID card AND change my address at the same time on the website? I will have my Drivers License updated before then.
  6. Hello, I need to renew my now-expired FOID card and could use a little quick guidance. Per the ISPs announcement from April, I understand I have 12 months from when the Covid emergency order is lifted to renew (even if its already expired). I also need to renew my drivers license, which has also expired (and I believe I have until November 1st to do that). Lastly, I moved houses and need to update my address for my FOID card and CCL card. Any idea what order I should do this all in to create the least amount of bureaucratic trouble for me? I was thinking: 1) Renew DL card and update my new address at that time 2) Renew FOID card and try to update new address at that time 3) Update CCL with new address Does this make sense or am I going to run into trouble somewhere along the way? Any advice would be so much appreciated. Thanks!
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