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  1. Christian passed back in May, so this something else? http://www.sj-r.com/news/20180515/christian-county-adopts-gun-sanctuary-resolution
  2. DeKalb is split 50/50 Republican/Democrat and was told that the board president/chairman said he would not be bring the resolution forward. Likely they would have tie vote and not pass.
  3. Updated map, let me know if there are any errors.
  4. What is going on in Knox? I got a lot of family there.
  5. Just to note...this was at the law and legal committee...after posting I read this vote is for the committee and it still needs a full county board vote. http://www.mcdonoughvoice.com/news/20180705/cremer-named-chief-deputy By Patrick Stout, Voice Correspondent Posted Jul 5, 2018 at 12:05 AM MACOMB McDonough County Sheriff Nick Petitgout introduced his new chief deputy, Adam Cremer, to the county boards law and legal committee Monday. In other business, a local group requested county board endorsement of the county as a sanctuary county for 2nd Amendment rights. J. P. McLaughlin, a small business owner who teaches weapons training and sells guns, said 27 Illinois counties have already passed such resolutions. Another member of the group, Marcus Hess, said, This is a fundamental liberty issue, We want to send a message. The committee was asked to recommend a resolution opposing state enactment of anti-gun legislation. A draft document stated, The people of McDonough County derive economic benefit from all safe forms of firearms recreation, hunting and shooting using all types of firearms allowable under the United States Constitution. McLaughlin said, We need to send a message to Springfield and Chicago. He said that he has trained 800 people in the safe use of firearms. States Attorney Matt Kwacala said he considers the proposed resolution more of a PR thing. He said it wouldnt have legal standing. Once a law is passed, its presumed to be the law unless a court says differently. Kwacala said he opposed one section in the proposed resolution that stated McDonough County will prohibit its employees from enforcing the unconstitutional actions of the state government. He said he cannot endorse ignoring any state law. County Board Chairman Scott Schwerer agreed, Disobeying the law can lead to anarchy, he said. Thats not the way I would want us to go. Committee member Clarke Kelso moved that the resolution be recommended with the objected language removed. The committee approved the recommendation with one dissent, from member Alice Henry. Noting the support of other Illinois counties, McLaughlin said, Im not normally a bandwagon person but this issue is hitting close to home....Its catching on nationwide. Idiots... Objected to "prohibit its employees from enforcing the unconstitutional actions of the state government", but they all take an oath to defend the constitution... Do they not get enforcing unconstitutional actions of the state is a violation of their oath?
  6. When we get a response we can color them on the map. Expecting to color them commie red. Here are then colors on the map. Red - Refused to consider or voted against gun sanctuary resolution. Yellow - Passed other non-gun sanctuary bill against state anti-2A legislation. Blue - Pending citizen vote. Green - Passed
  7. Updated map. Sorry for the delay, did not see post was pinned. LOL Can someone confirm Clinton county? I am not finding that one.
  8. Sad these board members do not understand nullification nor the Tenth Amendment. The Second Amendment is the Right of the People, not the State. The State, let alone the Federal government, should not be making any firearm laws. The county has the right to nullify an unconstitutional act. That said, the state attorney in that county should support the county's resolution to nullify. They use "discretion" all the time, and to which nullification should be held higher.
  9. Planned means a member of the community has asked them to take up a resolution, and the board is discussing.
  10. Updated county map. Please let me know if corrections or additions are need. Also press your county board to pass the legislation if they have not.
  11. Red to me is refusing to take up and pass the resolution. I have updated the map.
  12. Amazing the number that did this right away and the news missed them. Thanks for the update.
  13. ... or Cook ... Good luck on Cook, but an official response from Cook would be good to document.
  14. Updated map. Let me know if there are mistakes. Clark County delayed. Guess they have a lawyer there that never heard of nullification. Wants to seek legal counsel before moving forward.
  15. Probably my email, or someone that actually wrote a letter. I did email all the board members who had email addresses listed.
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