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  1. Why wouldn't if county's state attorney would not prosecute?
  2. Added Henderson and Wabash. Let me know if you find information on Carroll and Piatt, once verified I will add them.
  3. Those that we know. Cook, well is Cook. Jo Daviess I believe vote failed. De Kalb is 50/50 split and the board president refused to take up knowing vote would be split. Other counties may have taken up and passed resolutions, or failed in vote or refused to take up, we just do not know they have. Need more local involvement and feedback here to know. Would be nice to have resolution pushed in all counties and documented.
  4. Will this work? attachment=23313:Map_of_Illinois_Gun_Sanctuary_ Counties.2019.04.09.png]
  5. Updated map. Added Edwards and Morgan. Starred Johnson.
  6. Not a problem, the map is free for anyone to use in our favor. :-)
  7. Is it possible to add a symbol/ star? do designate counties with state's attorneys who have publicly declared they will protect Constitutional rights in their county? Williamson, White, Effingham, Jasper, a few others, I think. Can do that. Let me know the full list and I will update map.
  8. Tell them to go to heck, not their job. ISP should come get it or send you a letter, not Cook County... Cook County spends too much time micro policing non-criminals...
  9. Sagamon County from July, and do not see any more mentions in the minutes. Looks like it stalled.
  10. Added Ogle. Let me know if any are missing or wrong.
  11. Rep. Willis conveniently left out the part about the oath also including upholding the US Constitution.
  12. All I can say is Dan Bruner is an idiot. Nullification is a thing and duty when unconstitutional laws are made. Which do you think should be more illegal Dan, enforcing an unconstitutional law and denying someone their rights which is an actual crime or not enforcing an unconstitutional law and preserving someone's rights? If you live in Edgar County, you got to get rid of that Bruner guy. He is clearly not up for the task.
  13. Absolutely true, they have discretion to enforce laws. This is usually only done with the issue government vs citizen. They will enforce the law in the case where a citizen is harmed. In a few cases there have been sheriffs that have prevented federal action in their counties, but I never have heard that happening in IL.
  14. Added Edgar. Please let me know it there are any additions that need to be made or corrections.
  15. Confusing part is, did counties pass referendum for county and placed something on ballot as well? Coles County ballot question is kind of weak, you would expect the legislature to follow the constitution to begin with.
  16. Man, starting to think you all are witnesses against Kavanaugh.
  17. I believe the 2-2 was committee vote. Was not approved by committee, but was brought to the floor and approved. Looks to be going on ballot. And not sure what the "unconstitutional" nonsense is about. The people do have the right to nullification of unconstitutional state and federal laws. Remove Macon for time being.
  18. Map update again. Let me know if there are an errors or additions needed. Thanks.
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