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  1. All of those maps seem to only go up to about August of last year.


    Is there a regularly updated map, as well as a list of the counties and other municipalities, anywhere?


    If not, maybe a sticky should be put up with that in it, in the original posting, for quick and complete reference.

    I am not keeping track of municipalities as county Sheriffs and County Attorney hold more power than that of a city or township.


    Anytime I hear about a county passing a sanctuary county measure I will update the map.


    Has been since august or so since I have heard anything.


    Post hear if you have an update, once I verify then I will update the map.

  2. Grundy Co will have a referendum question on the Nov 2020 ballot.




    Shall Grundy County oppose the passage of any bill where the Illinois General Assembly desires to restrict the individual right of United States citizens as protected by the second amendment?[/size]


    If that is question, then that is not same as sanctuary referendum. That is actually weak stance. Chicago Dems are going to be laughing, oh no Grundy county does not like our gun bill...


    Even if that passes, still don't feel they should be considered a sanctuary county.



    That means one more for an even 2/3 of the state's counties. There really has to be a way this 2/3 supermajority can be capitalized on to do something to move the needle for the entire state towards the anti-firearm-confiscation side. I am talking legislatively, not just feel-good platitudes.


    Only way is to replace current state government with one where one house is representative of local government and not population.


    The way the state government is setup it is impossible not have a majority biased representation by Chicago Democrats.



  4. So, from that map, it looks like 3 counties failed/refused to pass a resolution, 38 counties haven't done anything yet, and 61 counties have passed Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions. That's just 1 county shy of a supermajority of counties (59.8 percent with the numbers as they stand).


    But, alas, Cook County, with 40.77 percent of the state's population, continues to dictate how the state is run and its political dominance.

    Those that we know.


    Cook, well is Cook. Jo Daviess I believe vote failed. De Kalb is 50/50 split and the board president refused to take up knowing vote would be split.


    Other counties may have taken up and passed resolutions, or failed in vote or refused to take up, we just do not know they have.


    Need more local involvement and feedback here to know. Would be nice to have resolution pushed in all counties and documented.

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