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  1. Seems like a mistake for insurance companies to do this. More likely to get sued for denying someone the right to self protect after being injured by a criminal.
  2. (3) "Assault weapon attachment" means any device capable of being attached to a firearm that is specifically designed for making or converting a firearm into any of the firearms listed in paragraph (1) of this subsection (a). How is a complete lower an attachment? You would be still required to register your "assault weapon attachment" parts, but not firearms that are not semi-automatic. Remember, this information is coming from Washington Gun Law who is a lawyer.
  3. Here are the oral arguments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lduOiU0vbww
  4. Legislature pay raises should be approved by a super majority of the voters, not themselves.
  5. Yes, but smokeless power and black powder are explosives. The anti-gun groups would be more than happy to ban them, and let you still own air rifles, maybe. I get what you are saying, but those items weren't a problem in the past and should not be today either. We should not give up rights because of urban social decay. The founding father were clear about that point. We should not give an inch on the 2nd Amendment. I would like to see the day when there is no such thing as NFA items. Only weapons that are banned are chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons of mass destruction that even the military should only use defensively and as a last resort.
  6. For me nowadays. Illinois Carry Illinois Rifle Association Gun Owners Of America Firearms Policy Coalition Second Amendment Foundation I stopped donating to the NRA because I don't see them really doing anything other than soliciting donations, and often are not on the same page as the majority of us which I don't find helpful.
  7. Video is up by the way. https://www.ilga.gov/senateaudvid.asp#
  8. Last I knew, Will county board refused to take up the issue, i.e why they are red. That was awhile back, new board, should try again if you live there.
  9. Really wish Todd would rethink the " "Yes, there are certain arms, hand grenades, explosives, other things like that that do not belong in civilian hands." In text, history, and tradition those items were legal. You could buy dynamite at the hardware store until the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970, and after that only a $5 license was needed until the Safe Explosives Act of 2002 when the government got paranoid about terrorists. That said gunpowder is an explosive, although not technically a high explosive, but we shouldn't be telling them they can restrict any common weapons or components a soldier would use, otherwise you might was well cross off the "well regulated" part of the Second Amendment.
  10. Todd says Supreme Court found unique way to delay ruling, but shows FOID is on life support.
  11. I am not keeping track of municipalities as county Sheriffs and County Attorney hold more power than that of a city or township. Anytime I hear about a county passing a sanctuary county measure I will update the map. Has been since august or so since I have heard anything. Post hear if you have an update, once I verify then I will update the map.
  12. If that is question, then that is not same as sanctuary referendum. That is actually weak stance. Chicago Dems are going to be laughing, oh no Grundy county does not like our gun bill... Even if that passes, still don't feel they should be considered a sanctuary county.
  13. Anyone read the State's reply? That was a piece of work. Garson S. Fischer should be fired for submitting that garbage, but then again that is about all the state has to support their case.
  14. That means one more for an even 2/3 of the state's counties. There really has to be a way this 2/3 supermajority can be capitalized on to do something to move the needle for the entire state towards the anti-firearm-confiscation side. I am talking legislatively, not just feel-good platitudes. Only way is to replace current state government with one where one house is representative of local government and not population. The way the state government is setup it is impossible not have a majority biased representation by Chicago Democrats.
  15. Who and where is this map maintained? Thanks Dan O I update the map anytime new information is posted here. Map is free to be used if that is your question.
  16. Updated map. Bureau County gets Green. Crawford gets a star.
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