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  1. oh my I feel bad .......I left Ill in February....But this just sucks
  2. I am moving as well... Bought a house in Schererville close Friday 2/5 goodbye JB!!!
  3. OK; Original prints Submitted Renewed 1/13/19 Expired 2/28/19 Active 4/9/19 Wah wah Wah Free carry …..over
  4. renewed 1/13/19 "Under review" still.... Exp 2/28/19 Prints submitted with orig app. Carrying for free.............
  5. Man you got QC verified I don't even have that.....I'm just "under review"...66 days now. If this last 10 years .....WINNING!!!!!!!
  6. 60 Days.....still under review in 15 days it'll be a free month of carry..... #MeToo
  7. Boom Free Carry.....welcome to the club!!!!! I think we have it over the early birds, when they get around to issuing the new card it will 5 years from that date .....
  8. Well Tomorrow we will see how goes it running around with an expired CCL.....Have a Utah incase I leave the "Iron Curtain". Applied 1/13/19. Under review as of 2/28 (exp. of original). Prints submitted with original application. CARRYING FOR FREE BABY!!!!!!!
  9. Is anyone talking about the pending lawsuit to stop Wally World from selling guns and ammo? http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/04/08/wal-mart-awaits-verdict-in-suit-seeking-ban-on-sale-of-high-capacity-guns/
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