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  1. Just imagine if those decades of left-wing influence and energy had been applied toward the advocacy of reason, sensibility, and fairness for all. Instead of a career based on nothing except obsessive left wing agendas. What a waste.
  2. Thanks for the reminder. Haven't been on here in a couple weeks. Saw renewal due tomorrow, so I re-upped. Sure hope y'all in Illinois can make some things work!
  3. Got my non-res renewal notice from Florida yesterday. Not necessary, since I got Tennessee lifetime about a year ago. Ahhhhhhhhhhh,,,,, Progress! Not missing my FOID! What a joke.
  4. Rather than a go fund me, we would rather see donations to IllinoisCarry marked Brown case. Ah, that's good. thanks Molly
  5. Regarding ammo sales to nonresidents, I don't think there's much "iffyness" about it. This is well discussed at the following link: http://www.ilgunrights.com/can-businesses-sell-ammunition-to-non-residents/
  6. Here's how stupid it gets. I am a new resident of Tennessee. Sent my FOID and CCL into the ISP office. Sayonara. But if I come to ILLannoy, and go to a store to buy ammo, I can, and don't need (or have) a FOID. So I have more of a right to buy ammo in IL than an Illinois resident, who needs a FOID. Now THAT'S stupid!
  7. Just got it. Notice, it was filed in Madison County. The only winners will be, as usual, the vultures, er, I mean, lawyers.
  8. OP, sounds like your buddy's lawyer did a great job. Can you share the lawyer's name with us?
  9. What is your logic for making this claim? The FOID Act, in Section 2, says this: Section 2. (a) (1) No person may acquire or possess any firearm, stun gun, or taser within this State without having in his or her possession a Firearm Owner's Identification Card previously issued in his or her name by the Department of State Police under the provisions of this Act. And Section 2 ( c-5 ) refers to the above paragraph with this text: Section 2. (c-5) The provisions of paragraphs (1) and (2) of subsection (a) of this Section regarding the possession of firearms and firearm ammunition do not apply to the holder of a valid concealed carry license issued under the Firearm Concealed Carry Act who is in physical possession of the concealed carry license. The FCCL allows you to acquire or possess a firearm (including a long gun) without having the FOID card in your physical possession. There isn't much room for debate. BINGO! Clarity. Crystal. Done!
  10. Did address changes on 2 FOIDs for family members recently. They each took about 60 days, FWIW
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