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  1. Wowwww......Gonna be a lot of tragic boating accidents mixed up in this scheme somewhere, somehow..........😭
  2. This sounds like a real overreach. How does the authority and recordkeeping of a federal FFL get hijacked by the Crook County sheriff's office?
  3. And maybe he'd get more serious about government spending..........just kidding. We KNOW that's not possible.
  4. This would be a great acquisition, would secure the Colt brand and name, and would help stabilize a very threatened industry.
  5. I dunno. Might want to go a bit slow on raising the 6th unless things are getting ugly. If they don't Mirandize you that could be an easy defense. Just don't talk too much. I learned that one time when I was on the good side of an FBI sting involving stock certificate counterfeiting.
  6. Yes it does. The software is capable of displaying the following buttons: Like, Dislike, Thanks (it's a trophy), Love, Ha-Ha, Confused, Sad, Wow, and Angry. It's interesting to see the counts for the various symbols, and saves a lot of time.
  7. Y'all need to get the hellouttathere! Yikes! I will remain a member of this group because of friends and connections I've made, but BYE-BYE ISRA! There are other states that are SO much more tolerable in terms of everything from guns to taxes to weather. Just sayin'..............
  8. Thanks for the reminder. Haven't been on here in a couple weeks. Saw renewal due tomorrow, so I re-upped. Sure hope y'all in Illinois can make some things work!
  9. Right! And rights are rights. Personally, I'd rather see national media attention focused on upset lefties defending themselves with firearms, than on rednecks doing same. I don't think that's rocket science.
  10. Got my non-res renewal notice from Florida yesterday. Not necessary, since I got Tennessee lifetime about a year ago. Ahhhhhhhhhhh,,,,, Progress! Not missing my FOID! What a joke.
  11. Rather than a go fund me, we would rather see donations to IllinoisCarry marked Brown case. Ah, that's good. thanks Molly
  12. Regarding ammo sales to nonresidents, I don't think there's much "iffyness" about it. This is well discussed at the following link: http://www.ilgunrights.com/can-businesses-sell-ammunition-to-non-residents/
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