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  1. An instructor is always encouraged to bring their own style, and knowledge to the classroom. That being said, the work is copyrighted and may not be copied or reproduced in any way. It has its own ISP curriculum number, and that number is only valid if CLiC is indeed what you are teaching. If you mix two curriculums, where that you have taught part of one, and part of another, then you have in fact not taught either. We do not allow copyright infringements of any type. Not trying to be rude, just trying to answer the question.
  2. Thanks to everyone for donating to the cause. It does not go un-noticed.
  3. Illinois Carry does not certify Instructors. For a donation, you get a copy of the curriculum and the DVD. It is a donation, not a certification. The State of Illinois certifies Instructors. If you should ever decide you wanted to teach the class, that would be between you and the State of Illinois.
  4. Molly forgot to mention that the Foreword for CLIC was written by Massad Ayoob also.
  5. There are handouts in the lesson plan that the instructor is allowed to copy and pass out.
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