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  1. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from being able to wear a mask , Walmart won't make you stay out. I can't breath through a mask so I don't wear one. I was in Walmart today. Meijer exempts people that are unable to wear a mask as well.
  2. There was no waiting in line after the first week near me. The door security moderately enforces the "in" and "out" doors. They keep count of how many people are in the store, so presumably they might make someone wait sometime, but I haven't seen it. You have to wear a mask, which is the same as everywhere. There are direction markers in the aisles, but no one obeys them, not even the employees. Meijer does not force customers into a single file line like Walmart does which reduces the likelihood that you will be walking into a cloud of infection vapor.
  3. Someone could argue that that it is the epitome of racism for an elitist to cause minorities to be defenseless while paying for armed security for themselves.
  4. Technically they broke the law by being on the private street but they stopped short of giving the private security legal justification to use lethal force to repel a riotous mob. Also since the couple's lawyer was their he can attest to a riotous mob harassing and threatening the couple.
  5. ^This x1,000! They may be new converts to the pro gun crowd now that they realize that they can not get a police response to 911 calls.
  6. The existence of the NICS system negates the necessity of the FOID act and FTIP system. The FOID act is now an unnecessary burden in light of the NICS system. The FOID act predated the NICS system and was needed prior to the NICS system but it is now redundant and superfluous.
  7. I have read that Walmart will stop selling handgun ammunition and Assault rifle ammunition which means they will potentially only be selling shotgun ammunition.
  8. The only way it would be legal for ILLINOS to allow the FOID to exist after a court ruling declaring it unconstitutional would be to revise FOID law and all references of FOID in law to make it an optional card that would offer a benefit of no mandatory waiting period upon instant background check approval and a maximum 3 day wait when background check is delayed.
  9. Who will get arrested by the feds first the governor for tax evasion or Madigan for corruption? Taking all bets.
  10. A court would rule that jailing or fining a Sheriff for refusing to enforce unconstitutional laws would be an unconstitutional act. It may also be defined as wrongful arrest since Supreme Court precedent has established that law enforcement has a right to refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws. A cop that would arrest the sheriff will probably not have legal authority to do so and as a result the arresting officer may technically be committing a kidnapping.
  11. If the ISP requires people to pay the repeatedly to correct then they are putting themselves at greater risk of charge-backs.
  12. Would GSL have standing if one or more GSL members were to possess 15 magazine within village limits while passing through? Would GSL have standing if one or more GSL members were to possess 15 magazine within village limits while visiting family?
  13. If statewide open carry were to become a reality such a ruling would benefit an open carrier
  14. It predates the concealed carry law and applies directly to the UUW. It will benefit those convicted of carrying within 1000 ft of a park since it is unconstitutional. It may also protect those that carry while hunting fishing and trapping since such an activity might cause some people to be in violation depending on how close a park is.
  15. You could contact crime stoppers and report it as a suspected fake cop theft ring and with any luck you could get a reward. You could also report the same to the ATF. I remember seeing an article about a Bronx fake cop theft ring busted and the gear used by the theft ring resembled the description of the gear you described including a badge and tactical gear a fake unmarked police car.
  16. Wait...You're in DuPage?! Total scam job. Call the...gulp...ATF...as well as ISP and report the attempted theft. But how did he get found out as a foid card holder???Assuming they are criminals they probably did the same scam to others not knowing in advance one way or the other.
  17. I really cant know for sure. That same question is bothering me too. I have a video of the 20min visit. I can share it via PM if you like to see it. I live in a very decent area of DuPage county where police is present everywhere (160k population). It would be very risky for outsiders to impersonate law enforcement officers in the middle of the day next to a very busy street. Maybe that is why the SUV was unmarked to make it easier for them to impersonate. Maybe they are dirty cops using phony paperwork to steal your FOID and they might have tried to steal your guns and ammo as well.
  18. How do you know that these guy were really deputies and not some criminals using phony uniforms and forged paperwork? Criminals could impersonate law enforcement officers and potentially confiscate guns and ammo as well as a FOID card. Criminals could probably alter a FOID card to enable them to buy guns and/or ammo.
  19. 2 women were attacking the daugther following the at the time that the mother pulled the gun. Sounds like disparity of force.
  20. Reporting voluntary admissions to the fed would be illegal since states can only legally report involuntary admissions.
  21. I just sent an email expressing my disappointment in their recent decision to no longer ship to Chicago (I'm actually getting what I guess will be my last shipment in several days). Not expecting it to amount to anything since I guess they're doing well enough without Chicago business but I felt better having vented somewhat. I don't understand the decision especially seeing that I've been doing business with them for almost two years.Remember to ask them if they will ship to an order for you to an FFL instead of to the address on your FOID or ID? If they respond with a yes tell them that they just admitted that they are willing break a state law that requires ammo to be shipped only to the adress on FOID card or ID and you are conaidering reporting their willingness to break state law to the proper authorities.
  22. Walmart fires employees that act in self defense including one such case in which a shoplifter threatens employees with a knife and is subsequently disarmed by the employees in that case they were holding the shoplifter for the police. If Walmart did not have a policy to employees that act in self defense they may not have have a loss rate as high as it is since some employees probably hesitate to act out of fear of losing their jobs.
  23. If enough people did this they may change the policy. Also requiring them to confront potential shoplifters may result in more shoplifters turning violent.
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