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  1. My wife is currently in the same boat that you are. When we moved, she lost her card. Since we changed addresses, it was time to request a new one. Went on line and did everything on the 14Aug15. Her card went active on 01Sep15 but 16 days later, she still doesn't have her new card. Is ISP getting slammed again or is it that nobody really cares how long they take to get the cards out? Besides the cards recipients of course. There's also door number 3 (which happened to me), the card got lost in the mail. Or door number 4 (in the alternative), the budget issue is throwing a wrench into normal operations (i.e. printing the card, mailing).
  2. No expert here but I thought a valid FOID is a prerequisite so I can't figure out how you could apply for both at the same time.. Thinking back, I had to have an FOID in order to take the CCL classes. You don't have to have a FOID to do the application, however your application won't be accepted until you give them a valid FOID number. At the beginning of the app, just indicate you don't have a FOID and it lets you continue, but tells you the application won't be considered until you come back and enter a valid FOID.
  3. Wisconsin honoring Illinois' license changed the dynamic of which licenses to consider applying for if any. Most people will probably not be interested in applying for UT or AZ now since they figure they can travel to all of the bordering states without needing another license. Now there's also the decision whether to apply for either Florida or Arizona (assuming you don't want to get the UT training or your instructor can't provide it) without a reason to have both as Arizona now lost the advantage of giving you Wisconsin. On one hand, Arizona is about half the price of Florida and you don't need to get a passport photo. However, it's only good for 5 years and you can't carry in Florida. Getting the Florida license gives you an extra two years and is the only license Illinois residents can get to carry in Florida. However, there's the extra hoops of finding a notary and having prints done at a law enforcement agency.
  4. I doubt we'll see a flood of applicants from SC. We won't see many OOS applicants until the bordering states get approved.
  5. Hey, congratulations! What's the postmark date? I should hug you I didn't even think of that . March 17th so it's the duplicate.
  6. Well guess what finally showed up today?!?! I don't know if it is the original or the duplicate, I'll have to keep an eye out for the next couple of days. Edit: It was the replacement they printed on the 17th (Thanks to Dr. Rat's suggestion I didn't even realize). Applied 12/18 Approved 2/27 Received 3/19
  7. Still under review and I applied the 18th of December. I think I'll be the first app to go over 90 days as that's 9 days away.
  8. Went to see if my permit came, my brother's did but not mine and he applied on Jan 2nd. But I did get a nice consolation prize.......... jury duty. FML lol
  9. This might apply also: an elder man once said to me, "A fish wouldn't get caught if it didn't open its mouth!"
  10. Keep in mind the bill says "including, but not limited to" so they could always expand the list besides what's listed in the bill.
  11. I thought I read sometime awhile ago the judge was a female, never heard the judge's first name until now. lol
  12. Was Stiehl the one that originally heard the Shepard case? If so, don't automatically assume she'll shoot down the case. She might not want to be told twice in a row by the 7th CA that she's wrong on a gun case.
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