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  1. Actually he's pro 2a from what I can gather, I think I may have added him to the list. I found his name on a website for gun friendlya ttornies back when this thread was started. I'll see if I can find the site again... Well couldn't find the original directory where I found him, but I did find this listing on icarry... David P. Mierswa Law Offices of David P. Mierswa & Assoc PC 5225 Old Orchard Road, Suite 5 Skokie, IL 60077 Tel: 847-566-6294 Fax: 847-566-6304 lawyerllll@aol.com If you have any doubts as to if this guy is pro-gun, just check out his bio here: http://www.uritraining.com/AboutUs.html DAVID MIERSWA J.D., MBA David Mierswa was raised in Wisconsin where he learned the value of "hard Midwest work ethics." He has earned several degrees, including a Bachelor of Business Administration, Master's in Business Administration and a Law Degree from Thomas Cooley Law School. After earning his degrees, David went on to start his own firm, The Law Offices of David P. Mierswa and Associates. His practice specializes in Contract and Commercial Law and Litigation as well Asset and Business Fraud Protection. As a Gun Rights and 2nd Amendment Advocate, Mr. Mierswa is an active member of the National Rifle Association and International Defensive Pistol Association. As part of his defensive weapons training, he has participated in regional competitions with the IDPA, Police Pistol Combat League, and the US Practical Shooting Association. In addition to his role as the Principal of his law firm, Mr. Mierswa teaches classes on legal issues related to gun ownership, concealed weapons carry and lethal force confrontations. Mr. Mierswa is an NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, certified in Pistol, Shotgun and Patrol Rifle / AR15.
  2. Actually he's pro 2a from what I can gather, I think I may have added him to the list. I found his name on a website for gun friendlya ttornies back when this thread was started. I'll see if I can find the site again...
  3. Good info. You would think you would get a letter or at least an email 30 days notice. I just checked and am good for a few more years.
  4. I can not believe 112 pages and still going. Hey I saw a sign at walmart...
  5. Does anyone know what written performance scores ISP is talking about here? And as far as the live-fire goes, How are you guys scoring the 70%? I just score 21 out of 30 hits on silhouette and mark that as a pass. I do not count passed 21 when scoring targets. I assume we are expected to keep records slightly more detailed than that now? I too have never counted past 21, after I count 21 I stop counting, say "You passed, sign print and date it." Then I retain the target.
  6. I do not keep a class roster, I keep each student's file separate. If they were to ask me for a student's record, I could easily look it up in seconds. If I were to keep a roster I would have to first look up which class they attended. I have been keeping all documents for CYA purposes since the beginning. I was advocating this records keeping at the beginning and some people said it would be unnecessary. It only makes sense though, so you can PROVE you were shown a training doc and if it is fraudulent, that is on the student not the instructor. All training certificates, all targets, everything has been saved. At some point in the future I will eventually make digital copies as well. On each target students sign, date and print their name.
  7. Have an address? I don't, but I just I invited Beau to join the forum. Hopefully he'll come add his address himself.
  8. With the ACLDN, you are not obligated to use their affiliated attorneys. If you have a preferred attorney, they will work with him/her. Looks like they only pay up to $10k? I was reading their FAQ. Also says you may qualify for a grant from the fund, but doesn't say limitations or if you are guaranteed. I am going to work up some questions and give them a lengthy email next week.
  9. I want to add the name of one of my students, Beau Winston 312-206-0055 beauwinston@gmail.com
  10. Luger and Parabellum are the same. NATO does have slightly higher pressures which is pretty much on par with +p. http://www.gunnuts.net/2009/04/03/9mm-nato-vs-9mm-luger/
  11. SO if you were under review, then board review, then back to under review, that would mean you made it past the LEO objection? Also, any indication on delay length if any of ccl issuance because of the board review? According to the law, once the LEO objects they have 10 days to submit supporting documents. Then the Board has 30 days to make a decision. In my estimation your 90 days became 130 and your 120 became 150 days.
  12. In my experience, you are better off dealing with an attorney who has contacts at what ever court house he/she services. It builds alot of confidence when your attorney walks in and knows everyone by name and they smile when they see him/her and wave.
  13. I don't care if he hates guns and is a worthless alderman as long as he is a good defence attorney. Support those who support the 2nd amendment. Someone who believes in your cause will fight more vigorously IMO. I don't do business with anti gun businesses if I can help it.
  14. hey Thomas... I live within walking distance of the Palatine Walmart. They never put up a sign through this whole mess of a thread. I'm going there for milk after work so I'll check again while I'm there. Ok maybe it wasn't palatine. Truth be told I forgot exactly where it was. Still yet to check my locals.
  15. It was reported to me by one of my students last Saturday when I was speaking about Walmart in class, that at least one Walmart, I think in Palatine? still has no gun signs on every door. He said he was there just the day before and the signs were plain as day on every door. Can someone verify? Reminds me I wanted to check out my local walmarts to see if they had any signs.
  16. Well if they KNOW you are carrying, you are not doing a good job of it. Maybe "confusing" is what it is meant to be? This way some people will disarm, and if anyone complains they can say "Oh no it is for employees only." I wonder if business even consider the loss of revenue. When will we start up a campaign of non guns = no money marches? Get a group of volunteers, create a list, issue each volunteer 20 stores, speak to store managers and pass out no guns = no money cards, and next week switch the list. I truly believe if enough people carrying make it known that the store is losing revenue due to their policy they will change their policy. I also truly believe if we choose to simply ignore the store, they might never know their loss of revenue or why they are losing. We could also do a letter writing campaign as well. That's be pretty easy to do, but postage would get pricey fast.
  17. 1 ) I try to avoid Walmart when ever possible. 2 ) I will go out of my way to avoid any and all businesses that restrict MY rights, and I will do my best to avoid businesses that restrict the rights of others. 3 ) We beat the topic of sign alteration to a dead horse.
  18. It is posted on the ccl4illinois.com site. Look at the "Checklist prior to applying" link and scroll down to the non-resident section. Hawaii is the only approved state at present. This list will probably grow, but it is anybody's guess how many or which states will eventually be added. That was the first thing I did before posting, and I didn't see anything. Thanks I will check again. ETA: Jebus Cripes, there it is plain as day. How did I miss it?
  19. I have a Virginia nonresident ccw because I lived in Chesapeake. My house is 20 minutes max from the North Carolina state line, so I fully understand what you are saying. North Carolina has some interesting ccw laws, ie, you cannot stick a firearm in the glove box and call it concealed. NC's argument is a ccp issued to a person and not a vehicle, however, I find this all irrelevant as to how it applies to Illinois. The attorney, imo, is correct about Illinois lack of case law and the courts looking at other states for precedent. They will not be so eager to look at North Carolina though. The courts typically look for case law in neighboring states first. That means we better hope IN, KY, MO, IA, MN, WI, etc have precedents that go in our favor. I tell my students, "There are 3 types of laws. Legislative intent, Letter of the law and Case law. Case law is probably the most important and is completely lacking in IL because nobody has been charged with CCL violations YET. Don't be the test cases unless you have the deep pockets to challenge the intent and letter of the law. Even a lawyer giving his or her interpretation of the law is still guessing somewhat, until we get some case law on the books. Err on the side of caution until case law clearly defines a given scenario."
  20. I think it is a full time job, for Todd. I can tell you for sure since I found this site my productivity has really suffered. I think I need to find a way to "parental control" it from myself if only for 6 hours a day so I can get some work done. Patiently awaiting the "opinion" from the SCOIL.
  21. PayPal sent with a few extra bucks to cover fees and all your hard work.
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