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  1. I have a friend who is at 150 days or so and the ISP won't return any of his nor my emails.
  2. I didn't see my name on the list? I thought we spoke by PM's. Alpha Koncepts Firearm Training Located in Niles. Most classes in Lombard area. 847-612-3952 www.alphakoncepts.com I signed up yesterday (Sunday).. For the class @ Article II (Article 2) in Lombard.. 1/6/19 @ 8:15am hosted by Alpha Koncepts.. Good for me as A2 is only a few miles away from me.. See ya then!
  3. If you do not renew your FOID card your CCL WILL be revoked.
  4. I didn't see my name on the list? I thought we spoke by PM's. Alpha Koncepts Firearm Training Located in Niles. Most classes in Lombard area. 847-612-3952 www.alphakoncepts.com
  5. What is the age requirement for a FOID card? Day one. https://www.gunrights4illinois.com/blog/what-is-the-age-requirement-for-a-foid-card/
  6. OK, my memory is fading, please explain “inspect element”. Thanks log in, go check your status. Highlight "Under Review" press f12. On most browsers this will bring up some code. You will see something similar to: class="Approved">Under Review< If f12 doesn't work, it doesn't seem to with chrome, then right click on the page, click view source, the search (ctrl+f) for the word review.
  7. Woooo! Was the 27th an instructor day or the first “normal” day of issue? Instructors were beta testers for the system. If I recall we were allowed to apply a month before everyone else. But there were some "normal" people who were also issued licenses with the same expiration date, because the state pretty much waited to the last minute to issue all the licenses. Instructors all showed approved, then we all went back under review a few days later. That's when someone figured out the "inspect element" trick.
  8. Expires Feb 27, 2018. Applied Oct 29th I show inspect element approved today. 29 days exact.
  9. I would absolutely and without hesitation report this incident to your local police department. But maybe stash your guns elsewhere first.
  10. So what ever happened to the promise in 2014 to remove public transport from the GFZ's? I don't even recall a bill ever having been filed?
  11. All FFL's in the entire state of Illinois (As of April) http://www.gunrights4illinois.com/ffls-in-illinois/
  12. I was thinking the same thing. Be a good diea to update the old threads with a link to the new threads and lock the old ones once things start getting filed.
  13. No need to subscribe joebie the 99th general assembly ended yesterday so if this bill is reintroduced will receive a new bill number.
  14. If I were to do a name or address change, or even a renewal, I would print up the confirmation and carry it with me any time I was carrying or transporting firearms. Just sayin'.
  15. I considered that option as I was posting. She is brain dead because even if it wasn't on the script, a situation so blatant should have warranted HER questioning the script and volunteering to escalate the situation on her own. I know you have to play nice with the ISP, but I don't. My $0.02.
  16. Molly , we all appreciate what you do for us but we shouldn't have to rely on you or anyone else to resolve such a simple problem. The person at ISP who was contacted should have resolved this with no further problems arising. We shouldn't have to jump through 100's of hoops to straighten out something so simple. Sorry for my little rant but I get red in the face every time I read a story such as this. Thank you Molly for being in our corner and going to bat for us all. +1 A right delayed is a right denied. This Robin person is either anti gun or is brain dead in my opinion.
  17. Stabbing on the CTA http://abc7chicago.com/news/man-29-stabbed-on-cta-bus/1363463/http://abc7chicago.com/1363463/
  18. I am not a lawyer. Your grandparents would have to become your legal guardians if that is even possible with a 19 year old. Or you would have to become unemancipated from your parents.
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