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  1. On 9/15/2021 at 9:45 AM, Jeffrey said:

    There was a time the ISRA did this.  IMO, this is just how IGOLD aught to be.  Bring 6-7000 freedom loving civilians into chicago and block an intersection peacefully just like the LWW's do but without the violence.  We barely make the 5:00 news when a few thousand march through Springfield.  heck, the governor doesn't even bother going to Springfield, why should we?

    So many people say igold is too far. OK. Call their bluff. 99% of gun owners are just too lazy to defend their right. 

  2. I am offering renewal classes, but they are slow because you don't need a class right now because covid is scary. The governor has said you may renew without taking the training, just go online and pay. You can upload the certificate later. Simply click next when asked for training credentials. 

    The bulk of my renewal students recognize the ineptitude of the Illinois government and fear some how getting caught up and forgetting to upload their certificate when this scary covid stuff is all over. They'd rather just get it done. 

    This is not a permanent change, and is only temporary. He'll have to upload his certificate within 18 months after the expiration of the covid disaster, when ever the heck that ends up being. 

  3. That's a smart dude who posted that. You should listen to him, and attend. (that dude is me)

    I was sharing for the 761st gun club and I am not officially involved in the event other than planning to attend.  The 761 gun club is legit. Their president was a speaker at IGOLD a few years back. 

    I feel this event is far more important than IGOLD. 

  4. Court Ruling on the Solomon Vs. Cook County Forest Preserves case banning carrying in the forest preserves...


    Court finds the firearms regulations at issue to be unconstitutionally overbroad. Nevertheless, the Court temporarily stays enforcement of its ruling for six months i.e., until March 15, 2022to provide the General Assembly an opportunity to act definitively on this matter if it chooses to do so. Emailed notice(cdh,)



  5. 10 days is more than adequate to determine a card has been lost in the mail. Why are we making excusing for bumbling government idiots? They can't process permission slips in time and they can't deliver mail in the same state within the same month? I can send a piece of mail to California in 5 days. Not the fault of We the People. 

    Silence is consent. Raise heck.

  6. On 8/28/2021 at 7:39 AM, Molly B. said:



    ISP advises to wait 30 days for the card to arrive in the mail.  If it goes past that you should contact them - DO NOT file a lost card report.

    30 days??? I advise my students to raise heck if they haven't gotten it 10 days after it shows active. That's more than enough time to print a card and drop it in the mail. At that point your expiration date is ticking. Screw what the ISP says. The ISP is always going to say what is good for them. Governments take freedoms, that's what they do. Don't give them a single extra day in this entire charade. It doesn't take 30 days to print and mail a permission slip. 

  7. http://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=42074&#entry581763

    Finished my first 8 hours with CGS ( Saturday - Oct 12th )  - "Chicago Gun Smith", Niles, IL.  Great group, Awesome instructor. I enjoyed the training/atmosphere so much that it did not feel like training, just a bunch of buddies talking about trained and concealed carry laws, gun handling...  I could easily do another 8 hours with-out it feeling like a drag.. Nice work Thomas!




    DoktorPaimon  "Over the weekend I took the 8 hour training with Thomas at CGS. He was professional, informative, used the Illinois Carry curriculum, and the price was reasonable. He also bought us breakfast and lunch, which was above and beyond in my book. If you're looking for training in the near north suburbs, I'd definitely recommend him."




        TARFU "I thought Thomas ran an efficient class and provided informed answers to everyone's questions.  All of the required curriculum was covered.  The atmosphere was friendly and very laid back.  ...  Overall, I enjoyed it and that's saying a lot given how dry some of the material is."




    Today, I just completed my day 2 of CCW class training at http://firearmtrainingchicago.com with Instructor Thomas Kral. Class was great!!! 8 hrs went by quick, it was never a dull moment in class.  I love the fact that Thomas, Alex and (I forgot the retire Chicago LEO name sorry) also had varieties in holsters, firearms and AMMO for us to use. All points about Safety and finger placement was stressed very highly, which was good because we did have a few guys that was new to handling firearms. The shooting qualification part, I give these guys two thumbs up!!! For each student an instructor stood by his side to insure we were safe, comfortable and checking our B-27 after each set of 10 rounds. I HIGHLY recommend this establishment to my family, friends and of course to the many members of this forum.
    Thanks for the breakfast and lunch, who can  pass up a free meal! Lol
      Keep me posted on your future training courses.







    Don't know if I was the first, but, I am one of the disabled vets who was able to take this class, free of charge. It was a great class. Relaxed and accommodating to any special needs, Thomas does a wonderful job. Very responsive and open (more like encouraging) to class questions. He wants to be sure his students understand every subject matter, and, it is obvious, he thoroughly enjoys his work.


    A big thank you !!!





    I took the IL concealed carry class (second 8 hours) yesterday with CGS in Gurnee.  It was a great class, could not recommend it enough.  Thomas Kral was a great instructor.  Very high on safety and making sure we all understood what was taught during class.  The range time was great.  It was one person per one instructor to make sure that every student had time to talk with the instructor and get advice if needed after every shot.  Time flew by during class (which can be hard to say considering it was 'class').  Thomas did a great job keeping us engaged during the course.  I would recommend this class to anyone who was thinking about taking a class.







    Let me start off by saying that Thomas (CGS on the forum) is a stand up dude.  He helped me organize a private training session for my buddies and I (fifteen of us total) and the process has been smooth since day one.  He responded to emails and forum PM's quickly and always answered any question that I or anyone in the group had prior to the class.  We wanted to host the class in a buddies place of business so he met us there to check the place out and to go over what the students would need to complete the course which ended up great for any new shooters we had because he provides it all.

    Now to the class, first 8 NRA basic pistol..."I'm picking up this firearm, keeping my finger off the trigger, keeping it pointed in a safe direction and verifying that it is unloaded"....alot of people, especially those familiar with firearms would think basic pistol is basic pistol but Thomas presented the information to us so that even those that were familiar ended up walking away learning something new and had a great time.  I can honestly say that in all the training classes I've taken (many being a pyrotechnician and in the commercial audio / visual industry) I did not spot one person who looked bored and I've ran into that every single time besides Basic Pistol.  I've talked to almost everyone since the class and they all praised Thomas in his ability to keep things interesting and how he took the time to work with everyone one on one when needed.

    What more can I say?  I learned a few new things when I thought I had it all covered and I was entertained the entire time when I was almost certain Basic Pistol would be kinda dry.  Next 8 (IL CCW) is this coming Saturday and all of us are excited to continue our training with CGS.  A handful of us are already trying to plan when we are going to take another course from Thomas (I believe it was Defensive Pistol).  We're sold on his abilities and hopefully you guys are as well because he deserves it.  

    Thomas, see you Saturday bud!





    Hey Tom,


    Great class on Saturday. I really thought given the amount of material you needed to get to, it was a job well done.  I spoke to my friend, Gavin, who joined last minute and he's really a straight shooter (no pun intended) and he spoke really highly of the experience. 











    Just wanted to post a quick note to compliment our very own CGS, as I took NRA Basic Pistol and the Illinois CCW class lead by him at FirearmsTrainingChicago.com last weekend. (no, this isn't a shameless plug for him )

    I rarely write reviews about anything – good or bad. But with there being reports of some questionable training going on and this being such a huge step for our rights in this State, learning from someone truly vested in doing this right, and is also a good teacher and all around knowledgeable about the industry, I have to pass along a recommendation.

    My previous training was not the NRAs, so I had to complete the full 8-hour NRA Basic Pistol course for Illinois CCW the first day. I can say not only did he cover the information I was previously taught, but I walked away having learned a few other tips as well. The class was a lively bunch, from brand new, never even held a gun people, to long experienced firearms enthusiasts getting their paperwork for CCW done. He did a great job moving back and forth between the experienced people and new people, answering their questions and keeping everyone engaged. He especially spent extra time when needed with the new people. That can be a challenge to work with such disparate groups at the same time on the same topic, but he smoothly worked back and forth and kept all of us engaged. It was a very open forum that allowed for further questions and thoughts on the basic curriculum from everyone. SIRT training pistols were a plus. A lot of people wished they’d had them when they were starting out, and some even were looking at purchasing them now after using them.

    Day 2 for the Illinois CCW training – I already have my UT and AZ, so the morning was a good refresher and spot on to what I was previously taught. One thing to take away from the remainder of the day, is that CGS really understands (as best as a non-lawyer, certified Illinois CCW instructor can) the CCW law here. I’ve tried to keep up with it all since its inception. He didn’t miss a thing and there was still more I wasn’t aware of that I learned. In addition to the slides, there was a lot of questions and discussion about the law and how this might all work here in Illinois. CGS handled it like a pro, and gave a very balanced interpretation of something so new and untested in this State.

    Dry-fire holster draw exercises were well done (huge emphasis on safety both days), which is something few people here have ever had to consider much less have the opportunity to do unless you are military, LEO, or a competition shooter.

    Off to the range to complete the NRA requirements as well as Illinois’ requirements (this class covers Florida and Arizona too). Despite the range messing up the lane reservation and me inadvertently dumping some of the 9, 40 and 45 he provided (they really need to color code the head stamps – my eyes just can read that small print that well anymore – I owe you a beer or two for that screw up) everything got back on track quickly and we got ourselves through the courses of fire needed. For the new shooters, he spent as much time as they needed getting them comfortable and confident, while running the rest of us through. Did I mention he provides all the ammo and targets too for the price of the classes?

    Both days, a nice breakfast was provided and the Rosati’s pizza for lunch was a huge winner. Coffee and soft drinks included as well. There’s some nice coupon’s provide for ChicagoGunSmith.com to help offset the cost of CCW equipment or other items you may be shopping for as well.

    Thanks again CGS. Hope to bump into you again at a range sometime.




    March 3rd 2014


    Hello Thomas, this is Vernon Williams.  I just wanted to thank you for the time and knowledge you provided for us, it was very informational and it provided me with firearm safety, and firearm state/federal laws.  I will be definetly recommending to you friends and family, again thanks very much!!!!





    Patriots & Tyrants

    I just wanted to say, for the record and for anyone reading this that CGS makes his classes enjoyable. He hits on all of the needed points but he makes it fun; it is just simply all around enjoyable while also being very educational.

    He has no problem fielding questions from students, clarifying points when asked or offering suggestions as needed.

    He knows a lot about firearms, Illinois law and also applicable current case law.

    I would take this class every weekend with him if time permitted. A++






    I really enjoyed the class as well, CGS.









  8. Alpha Koncepts is offering weekly 16 hour concealed carry classes and 3 hour renewal classes. For your convenience, classes are conducted on week days and weekends. 

    You can check out our training calendar for dates and times and to sign up. Or you may feel free to text or call 847-612-3952

    In all of our concealed carry classes and renewal classes, students receive the following... 

    565-5650947_green-check-mark-clip-art1-e1627159372590.pngWe'll pay your range fee. That's a $30 value absolutely free!

    565-5650947_green-check-mark-clip-art1-e1627159372590.png Deeply Discounted Early Bird Registrations. Discounts are limited so Sign Up Now.

    565-5650947_green-check-mark-clip-art1-e1627159372590.png Discounts on all future classes for past students. Save hundreds of dollars in your lifetime.

    565-5650947_green-check-mark-clip-art1-e1627159372590.png The 16 hour class qualifies for not only Illinois but Florida and Arizona concealed carry licenses as well. That's almost like 3 classes for the price of one!

    565-5650947_green-check-mark-clip-art1-e1627159372590.png Carry in 35 states instead of 25 with the Illinois and Florida licenses.*

    565-5650947_green-check-mark-clip-art1-e1627159372590.png Receive a free manual which contains all the information covered in class. That's a $47 value, absolutely free.

    565-5650947_green-check-mark-clip-art1-e1627159372590.png Receive merchandise from our partners including pens, informational booklets, coupons, stickers and free samples.**

    565-5650947_green-check-mark-clip-art1-e1627159372590.png All the free coffee and all the free water that you can drink during this Illinois concealed carry class.

    565-5650947_green-check-mark-clip-art1-e1627159372590.pngLifetime support, as your question any time. We're not your instructor for a couple days, but for life! 


    Classes Located in Park Ridge Illinois. We also offer private classes at your home or place of business. 


    Check our excellent reviews in the replies from other IllinoisCarry members. I'll also update the class dates in the replies or just check the calendar!


    Alpha Koncepts has been offering concealed carry classes since October 2013 and in that time we have trained thousands to safely and legally carry a concealed firearm for their own self protection. Thomas Kral, our Chief Instructor has numerous Instructor credentials from the National Rifle Association and United States Concealed Carry Association, as well as Ultimate Training Munitions, Next Level Training and the American Gunsmith Institute. 


    Be armed. Be trained. Be Alpha.





    *Reciprocity is subject to change.

    ** Merchandise varies subject to availability.

  9. I am now offering concealed carry training in Park Ridge. I am offering week day and week end classes and private classes in our own dedicated classroom.

    For the month of August, prices are $100 for the 16 hour class which includes range fee. Prices are $65 for the renewal class, which also includes range fee. This is a grand opening sale price and won't last!


    Students will receive quality training by Alpha Koncepts in a warm and inviting class room, with limited seating. Small classes equal more personal attention! Alpha Koncepts has been training people to safely and legally carry a concealed firearm since 2013!


    Date/Time Event August 14, 2021
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Basic Pistol 8 hour class
    Park Ridge Classroom & Headquarters, Park Ridge IL August 14, 2021 - August 15, 2021
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Illinois Concealed Carry 16 hour training class.
    Park Ridge Classroom & Headquarters, Park Ridge IL August 21, 2021
    9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Illinois Concealed Carry 3 hour Renewal class
    Park Ridge Classroom & Headquarters, Park Ridge IL

    Addition dates can be found here: https://www.alphakoncepts.com/events/

    For full information on the 16 hour class, please visit: https://www.alphakoncepts.com/illinois-concealed-carry-training-class/

    For full information on the 3 hour renewal, please visit: https://www.alphakoncepts.com/concealed-carry-license-renewal-class/


    Feel free to call or text 847-612-3952


    The fact this can happen and result in a right denied by ISP mistake, a mistake that requires you to prove your innocence in a drawn out process is deplorable! This should be something that can be cleared up with a phone call to establish identity and be over!


    Yes, it should be.


    If we are going to be dreamers and talk about the way things should be, there shouldn't even be a FOID.

  11. Rtw5150, really? Well, that sucks. Wonder what the reasoning is behind that?



    6. Out of State Residents
    Can out-of-state residents obtain an Illinois Concealed Carry License?
    Yes. However, only residents of states or territories of the United States with laws related to firearm ownership, possession, and carrying that are substantially similar to the requirements to obtain a license under the Firearm Concealed Carry Act are eligible.
    How can I find out if my state's laws are considered "substantially similar?"
    The Illinois State Police sent a survey to each state to determine which states have laws that are substantially similar. Currently, the only states considered to be substantially similar are Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas and Virginia. Click here to view the CCL Substantially Similar Survey
    What does "substantially similar" mean?
    "Substantially Similar" means the comparable state regulates who may carry firearms, concealed or otherwise, in public; prohibits all who have involuntary mental health admissions, and those with voluntary admissions within the past 5 years, from carrying firearms, concealed or otherwise, in public; reports denied persons to NICS; and participates in reporting persons authorized to carry firearms, concealed or otherwise, in public through Nlets.
    What if I moved out of state? What should I do with my CCL?
    Simply mail it back to the Firearms Services Bureau at 801 S. 7th Street, Suite 400M, Springfield Illinois 62703. Include a note that you have moved out of state and are surrendering your CCL. If you are moving to a substantially similar state and wish to have an Illinois CCL, you will have to re-apply following that process.
  12. when you register for your IN or KT drivers license, you may likely receive a letter saying your FOID and CCL have been revoked. If you want a non resident permit, you would have to apply for a non resident permit, and pay the $300 fee, but currently only residents of Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas and Virginia can receive non resident permits.

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