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  1. I'd like to hear from a FFL on that and does it mean they have access to records PRIOR to that passing/renewed license?
  2. Just because they made the call doesn't mean you actually bought it either, the ISP still has to get a warrant (unlike the ATF) to look at a FFL's book. I guess if they find a friendly judge and a bunch of ISP with nothing to do, because this all would be very time consuming.
  3. Approximately 2.5 million, I've seen even a Singer made once (this one not for sale) a whole lot of them are "Frankensteins" but they still work (as well as a military spec 1911(a) does)
  4. Sounds like Illinois Carry need to put some logo's on skirts and use as a fundraiser.
  5. Fixed magazine pistols: A Volcanic pistol, way cool but not that practical. Remington also made a magazine pistol, but 32 extra short! I've also seen a 22 which fitted in a fixed chain that looped around, also way cool, might have been a very well made gunsmith special.
  6. Free food, housing, and healthcare, at a minimum security resort really doesn't sound so bad.
  7. How many times have you been puller over by the ISP which are the virtually only ones that are going to enforce this and decide to mouth off to them so they search your vehicle? I'm old and I've hit double 0's, I'm really not that worried.
  8. I'm with you, I think 99% of FOID holders give a FF the other 1% need a pill or something.
  9. CHICAGO — A Cook County judge rejected prosecutors’ requests to detain a trucker accused of shooting up another vehicle during a road rage incident on a suburban Chicago expressway this week. Illinois State Police troopers responded to calls of shots fired on northbound Interstate 55 near 1st Avenue in southwest suburban Summit around 1:38 p.m. on Tuesday, the agency said on Facebook. They located a driver who told them that a trucker shot at him during a road rage incident, according to state police. While the man was not injured, bullets did strike his vehicle. The truck driver, identified by ISP as 39-year-old Jose Gonzalez of Chicago, was arrested at the scene. He is charged with aggravated discharge of a firearm. During a detention hearing on Thursday, prosecutors asked Judge Linzey Jones to detain Gonzalez before trial as both a safety threat and a flight risk, according to clerk of court records. “Defendant pointed a firearm at victim and shot at the victim and struck victim’s vehicle during a road rage incident,” an assistant state’s attorney wrote in a pretrial detention petition. “Weapon was recovered and gunshot is visible on victim’s vehicle.” Jones rejected both requests, setting Gonzalez free with standard instructions to stay in the state, show up in court, and refrain from contacting the alleged victim. ISP did not name Jones or reveal that prosecutors asked him to detain Gonzalez. Instead, the agency noted in its Facebook post that “Gonzalez was released pursuant to the provisions in the Pretrial Fairness Act.”
  10. I didn't think police we exempt for their personal firearms. I know a lot of police and every one of them owns at least 1 personal item that fits this nonsense.
  11. What's your letter count, I decided this route is useless after two, oh wait, three 😮
  12. Todd might want to talk to him about his latest post yesterday , he's off by a couple zero's 1.618 / 2,400,000 = .0006741 in my calculator. "With a total of 1,618 individuals complying two weeks in, that would be about 0.07% of the 2.4 million FOID card holders in the state." https://www.thecentersquare.com/illinois/article_771bf3dc-6eb1-11ee-a763-f76b309d3dd5.html
  13. Excellent, I laughed my .. off when I saw that, I was prepared and drinking scotch at the time, I however switched from cigar's to a pipe due to the taxes. If you see some crazy Catholic wearing a cowboy hat, smoking a pipe, and driving a truck... That would be me. When asked by a lawyer, unfortunately too many times, my answer is almost always "I don't recall". Basically the "Hillary" defense.
  14. Wow I somewhat understand quite a few languages, kind of have to but Russian is just ... up. I guess some of the clanging garbage can lids I don't understand either.
  15. CHICAGO — A Venezuelan migrant who allegedly had a stolen firearm in a vehicle during a traffic stop in downtown Chicago failed to appear for his first court date this week, records show. Judge Robert Kuzas released Jose Aponte Garcia on September 28, the day after police arrested the 24-year-old near Millennium Park, and told him to return for a hearing on Wednesday, according to court clerk files. But Garcia didn’t show up, so Kuzas put out a warrant for his arrest. The felony weapons charge stems from a traffic stop in the 200 block of North Lower Columbus Drive around 12:50 p.m. on September 27. I'm feeling safer everyday.
  16. Independents my a... all Democrats a RINO and a open seat, all sounds fair in Illinois.
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