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  1. Don't worry you will have before Saturday! LoL Then you can pack while you eat your lunch at the Bar in Wisconsin with all ur buds!! Let freedom ring!!
  2. You got some guys scratching their heads here.Let me help ya out a bit here lil buddy..
  3. Another friend i helped file ILCCL app. applied/paid 1/17/14 approved ??? active ??? Prints Yes Received 3/25/14 app # 34,1xx
  4. Ain't gonna believe this one,but i filed ILCCL for several friends and one got his license wednesday(filed 1/2) and another i filed for 1/17/14 and is app #34,1XX....called me last night and said he just checked his app and he is APPROVED.
  5. Where are you located? Bill i'm gonna take a stab at it and guess NEWMAN!!!
  6. I live in Mansfield bro. I applied 9am on 1/2/14 app # 000007354 approved 2/28/14 Received in the mail 3/3/14
  7. Small town 20 miles west of Champaign. First to post getting license in the mail today,applying 1/2/14?? I think.
  8. I GOT MY ILCCL!!! Applied 1/2/14 approved Friday And in the mailbox this MORNING!!! YAY
  9. How cool is THAT...to receive your Concealed Carry License on the day a great leader is celebrated by many that fought for our Independence and FREEDOM?!?!
  10. Sea Monkeys. Mine was Sea Monkeys. man i'll NEVER forget that long,long,wait!!!! didn't think those little creatures would EVER come to my mailbox.
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