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  1. I asked Captain Obvious, he thinks those posts might be satirical in nature.I sure hope so. I moved to IL from MO a few years ago and it boggles my mind how readily some people here bow to The Man.
  2. Just allow citizens to run basic background checks on existing state IDs and drivers licenses, the check would not have to give details just a yes/no confirmation for things like firearm purchases, voting or to see if the person is say a registered sex offender heck use it for alchohol and smoking verification as well to confirm the ID is legit and not fake. Sounds great! Let's just do away with privacy rights altogether.. How is verifying you are who you and and are eligable to exercise the right and/or privilege an invasion of privacy? Sorry but I support verificaiton at the basic level as I understand that even rights are not absolute, and accept that age, citizenship and to see if a due process has removed the right/privilege verifications are well within acceptable regulations or should be. Wow... I don't even know where to begin....
  3. We would be too but remember, McDonald vs Chicago had to remove the ban in in the home before we could get rid of the ban outside the home. Common sense (I know...I know...) dictates that one would have to be able to transport the firearm and ammunition TO the home. If it's legal IN the home without a license, it has to be legal getting it TO the home without a license. Good point! Unless, they come back and say something silly like.....it only applies to weapons and ammo created within the home... Check and check...
  4. Howdy neighbor. I was just in 60625 this weekend picking up Baker Miller. Interesting that Midway has not accepted a shotgun ammo order in the past. Did you have other ammo in your cart? I've ordered ammo several times from there without issues, including 12 gauge and .308. I'm pretty sure I've also ordered .45 Colt. If you try to order 9mm, .38/.357, .22, .45 ACP, and something like .25 ACP you get the error. It's whatever was called out by name in the Chicago ordinance from a couple of decades ago. Notice .40 S&W isn't listed? It was invented in 1990. That's how old it is. The ATF book of all laws still includes this ordinance, so that's what Midway follows. I believe the state's attorney is responsible for updating the ATF. Pretty sure she isn't likely to any time soon...
  5. I didn't look too hard, but couldn't find if Deerfield had any ordinances on the books from the original ten day window. Anyone know? Or is this non-amended, new ordinance passed in violation of state law?
  6. I order from Freedom all of the time. I live in Chicago. Every package of ammo I've received via mail order has been marked "ORD" for ordinance. Depending on the size of my order shipments from Freedom have been in the box that states what caliber, weight, etc. it is or is in a larger box that just has the addresses and the ORD mark.
  7. Yes, their website needs to be updated. I received an order about two weeks ago from them. I've ordered a lot over the last year or two and have only had two issues. One was they didn't have the reman .38 that I ordered so they wanted to know if I would accept new instead (for the same price), and the other was when they changed their system or something a month or two ago and I needed to resubmit my IDs. The shipping time varies depending on what I'm ordering. If I want .38 or .357 it usually takes a bit longer, but they have a note on their website about this so I wasn't expecting to receive anything within a week. It still came within about two.
  8. I have personally purchased ammo from them and had it shipped to my home in Chicago. One or two of these sites have outdated websites, they might be one of them. As have I, many times. Most recently was maybe a month ago with no issues.
  9. Another one that I use is ammoseek.com. I also find reloading components and magazines through there.
  10. My order a couple of weeks ago came without issue, as have the dozen or so over the last several months. ETA: grammar
  11. Please post what you receive. I emailed them s few days ago and haven't heard back yet.
  12. Then they should say "No, we're not shipping ammo there. Go away." I'd be happy to, since plenty of other businesses are all too happy to sell to us. I've posted this in the past, but it's been a while. I contacted Midway right after HB 183 was passed and they said that they follow the laws as they are posted on the ATF's website. I checked the ATF's website again tonight and couldn't find anything more recent than 2010 for Illinois, meaning Midway is following the laws as they were up to 2010. If you can somehow get the ATF to update their website then you can get Midway to ship to you. As it stands now they will ship just about everything except .357 Mag, .45 ACP, .40 S&W, .22 LR, and some others. I have experience getting 12 gauge buckshot from them a few times recently, the most recent being a case last week. I've also gotten magazines from them, but they are limited to the capacity that was in place in 2010, which is 12 (I think; my various mags that they shipped are all 10-rounders and all went through without a hitch).
  13. Insignificant. Magazines owned prior to the ban are grandfathered. All but a couple of the County Sheriffs have joined in a lawsuit challenging the new law; they know it's unenforceable and won't bother trying to enforce it. Plus few handgun models have 16+ round mags anyway. I am thinking more about my rifle mags, however my G17 has 17 and 33 round mags so there is that as well. Maybe this would be an excuse to get a G20 in the future...
  14. I understand and appreciate the jokes. Even with no mutual recognition, you can travel with a loaded handgun in your vehicle anywhere in CO, no permit required, and you can OC everywhere in CO, also no permit required, except in the People's Democratic Republic of Denver (long story). So come visit and bring your handguns! I would, and my wife has friends that live around Denver and has talked about a possible move (outside of Denver County of course). The thing is now there is that dumb 15 round mag ban to contend with.
  15. You and me both; I am a CO resident. One, and only one, thing must happen for CO to recognize the IL permit of IL residents: IL must recognize the CO permit. That's the only requirement; no reciprocity agreement nor other formal document is required. So it's up to IL to make it happen. Oh I'm sure they will make this a priority when the session starts.
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