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  1. Moderators, if this is in the wrong section, please move to the correct one. Thank you.
  2. Received notification in the mail my Utah permit was coming up again. Was given three options. Renew on line, print off paper application and bring it in person, or submit through the mail. Watched the firearm safety and suicide prevention video on the smartphone. Submitted application via smartphone. Renewal fee of $20 for Utah resident. Renewal fee of $25 for non resident. .75 fee for online renewal. Permit is good for 5 years. Excellent deal I would say for $25.75. Renewed after the office closed on 4/9, a Friday, so the clock starts ticking 4/12. Received Utah Carry Permit today, Monday 4/26. Date of issue is 4/19. Allow 7 days for USPS to deliver, not too bad. It just boggles the mind. No excuses for COVID-19. No excuses for a broken or outdated lamination machine. No excuses for not enough money in the budget even though $30 million plus has mysteriously vanished from the FOID/CCL fund. No excuses for needing more employees and a modernization of the process. No excuses for needing more time though 60-90 days should be enough for anyone. Of course there are no penalties for this state. No excuses for a background check. Though Illinois runs a background check every day on FOID holders, so they say. No charging $150 for a 5 year license with a mandatory 16 hour classroom/range time. No renewal fee of $150 with a mandatory 3 hour classroom/range time. I could go on, but I know it doesn't matter to the people elected to represent us. No disrespect to our members or the GOOD people of Chicago, but that city and surrounding areas is a cesspool filled with politicians that need a real job. Instead of being a parasitic organism sucking the life out of it's host. But we, the law abiding, tax paying citizens of our great state of Illinois will always be penalized. Illinois will not use another friendly state as a tinplate for our second amendment rights. They have to reinvent the wheel until it rolls over us several times. Unless its something they want. Being the last state to finally pass a CCL, though they were forced to by the supreme court, proves that point. I intend to keep my CCs from other states, especially when they are this inexpensive. When I can finally leave this state, they should be useful. Anyway, I have my new UTAH permit. Be safe and take care everyone!
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