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  1. I couldn't find the voters for this bill. I was curious which IL R's turned their coats for this bill. I searched the IL sites, but came up empty. Does anybody know the link?
  2. Yep, you can use the Dillon 550C as a single stage if you like, until you get more familiar with the process. The toolhead system gives you a lot of versatility.
  3. That's an excellent point, but the opposition never lets facts stand in the way of the agenda. These bills will do NOTHING to address "gun violence" and both sides know it.
  4. I guess I missed the compromise. Honest question, what did ISRA compromise on with the opposition? Just a question, nothing else. I get the same emails each Thursday, but perhaps I missed something. The compromise lays in ISRA neutrality on the FOID modernization bill. The bill was less severe than the Fix the FOID proposal, but still added additional limitations to the current law the particulars of which can be seen in a review of this forum. Only the ISRA can say why they chose to give tacit support to a Bill that adds additional controls over existing law. If anyone read the Thursday ISRA email message without knowing what transpired on May 31st. they could miss the root of the problem. We are just fortunate that the clock ran out ending the matter until the veto session in the fall. Regardless the bill is not dead and now carries the weight of ISRA tacit approval. I understand, I didn't realize that happened. Thanks for the clarity. It's not good news as you said. I don't have an answer, other than to vote with our feet. We're running out of areas to go to, though. The infection is spreading.
  5. I guess I missed the compromise. Honest question, what did ISRA compromise on with the opposition? Just a question, nothing else. I get the same emails each Thursday, but perhaps I missed something.
  6. I'm sure he knows the difference, what he's counting on is the voting public not knowing the difference. Like most of his ilk, laws for thee and not for me is the credo. I will cheerfully vote against this RINO next chance I get, and I am in the district he pretends to represent.
  7. One of the comments cracked me up. "And Jussie Smollet's attackers still running loose..." That must be the ONLY one in the country that believes that really happened.
  8. She should probably return to her roots if she feels unsafe. The bar probably has pretty good security, after all.
  9. Thanks for posting this, Molly. My brother waited for a total of 165 days for his CCL. 157 days until approval, then 8 days in the USPS nightmare of the current times. At least this explains what's happening.
  10. Every tyranny begins with disarmament. This one, if it happens, will be no different.
  11. So, the state is dead broke, they have no money coming in, but they find the money to have masks printed up with the state seal on them. Makes perfect sense. I'm sure a crony, or a crony's family had the contract to print up the masks.
  12. There's a company at 43rd and Western in Chicago, called Ames Metals. They sell bullet alloy, ready for melting and casting. I spoke to them a few years ago, and they're still in business. I had to look them up, as I forgot their name for a while.
  13. There's a guy on eBay selling a 26 pound brick of pure lead, for $39.80, plus $12.25 shipping. It's a solid brick 4" x 8" x 2". Just under $2.00 per pound.
  14. Durbin is probably the guy he had in mind when Robin Williams said congress critters should have to wear decals on their suits like NASCAR drivers. This way we can see who owns them. Hint: it's not his constituents.
  15. You can clean the brass without dies, but removing the primers requires at least a dedicated depriming tool. Several are sold. Many loaders use universal decapping dies which don't resize the brass so when the brass is cleaned the primer pockets are also cleaned. It's an added step, but some do it. Tumblers are cheap, and there is also a method using stainless steel pins and water to clean brass. If you shoot that much per year, Dillon or the like is a good bet. Other brands like Hornady and RCBS also make progressive presses. I have Dillon, but there's nothing wrong with the other brands. Dillon's warranty is called 'no BS' and they stand behind it. Lots of people use Lee products, but I can't speak to them since I've never owned one of their presses. I've heard a lot of people tell those just starting out to start with a single stage, but with your volume that will get old quickly. While you're waiting for equipment, buy some manuals and read them. It will give you a leg up for when you actually start loading. There is a lot of good info on the net, too. You Tube has loads of videos on the subject.
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