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  1. I just received my new card with the extended date for the FOID. They sent a letter first a few months ago stating the extended date for the FOID. Then another letter telling me to expect the new card in the 'next few days'. The new card showed up late last week, Friday I believe. Since my original card showed expired since earlier this year, I didn't know what to expect if I tried to purchase a gun. It so happened that I didn't try in that timeframe. The local dealer I usually buy from was aware of the extensions.
  2. That is interesting, Lou. I had never thought to look for something like that. Thanks for the tip. Now, if I can convince the wife, I can view IL the way it deserves to be seen. Through the rear view mirror as you're driving to freedom.
  3. Congratulations on moving the what's left of the old USA, Lou. I envy your move, and would join the exodus but my wife is reluctant to move. The moving process itself at our age is what causes it I think. It's certainly not any love for the garbage running this state.
  4. Assault weapon is a term invented by the NY Times. Assault rifle comes from the German 'Sturmgewehr' which means storm rifle, and would require the full automatic ability. AR-15 rifles do not meet this standard. They just look scary to some people. But then again, the opposition has always played fast and loose with the language, haven't they?
  5. If Jack Ryan had been a 'D', the story would have garnered him votes. Adding to his credentials, in a way.
  6. I've read that was the case in both the USSR and Cuba. Control the food, control the population.
  7. SN: Jabba450 Pols quoting 'statistics' always bring to mind the old quote. "Lies, damn lies, and statistics". If one of them came right out and said "we want to ban all guns" other than Feinstein, it would be the rare occasion of a pol actually speaking the truth. The other old saying nails it. "You can tell they're lying since their lips are moving."
  8. So to update this, I just received a letter from ISP telling me I have the later date, rather than May of this year for expiration. The same letter talks about applying for renewal earlier to make sure it goes through. When I received my renewal of my CCL, they sent me a new FOID, with the same number as the CCL, and it came right after the CCL came in the mail. So, it looks like the card was extended to match the CCL expiration date per the ISP web site and this letter I just received from ISP. I'll check with my LGS to see how he has handled others with the same issue. I'm sure I can't be the only one.
  9. My FOID shows me expiring May 2022. When I logged into the ISP site, the expiration date is shown as the same as my CCL, in 2024. Should be interesting if I try to buy a gun later this year, or ammo online. I know better than to even try to contact the ISP via phone, so I guess I live with it until something comes up requiring a seller to check the ISP site. What a crazy way to do things.
  10. It figures, just in time for me to have to renew my FOID card. IL, where freedom goes to die.
  11. Just renewed, it got away from me. I noticed I didn't have the Supporting Members Team under my screen name.
  12. If it's 60 days, that would be the 15th if my math is correct.
  13. I have a couple I'd like to buy, but I'm waiting for the law to go into effect. It would be just my luck that I buy a knife and he pulls a veto out of thin air. Then I would be out the money, and have an illegal item all of a sudden. I can wait. Also, imagine the confusion in other states when we have to send them a FOID copy to buy a knife.
  14. Welcome to August 1st, and still no signature. Well, in two weeks or so it won't matter.
  15. I wish he'd sign the bill already. I've already found a knife or two I'd like to buy. I guess we'll have to wait until August 16th when it becomes law automatically.
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