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  1. I don't understand why this topic still doesn't have AT LEAST 1000 views. I don't understand whey EVERYONE isn't a supporting member yet. - chip
  2. Your version was a bit too long for the card without going too deep in re-editing. I have changed it to read: Lastly, Illinois requires all firearm concealed carry license holders to undergo more training time and requirements than individuals in any other state. I will send a revised version to cjurczak. Great, glad I could help. For most, this will be the first time they've received a communication from a pro-2A, pro family, pro country, pro safety group or individual. It's always best that the first impression is a good one. - chip
  3. Can you correct the last sentence? It currently reads, "Lastly, Illinois requires all licensed firearm concealed carry holders to undergo the most training time and requirements than any other state" May I suggest, "Lastly, Illinois requires all firearm concealed carry license holders to undergo more training hours and requirements than any other state. Combine this with possibly the most extensive background check system for firearms, and you have the most trained and vetted citizens in the country. How much do you know about the rest of your customers?" If my version is too wordy, just change the "most" in the original to "more". :-) - chip
  4. Applied 12/18 Instructor - with prints Approved 3/7 Stamped 3/7 Received 3/10 NW Suburban Cook
  5. Walmart shooting declared self-defense. Walmart is fast becoming a place I wouldn't walk into without a gun. A lot of my students tell me they'll only carry if they're going to places where they think they'll need a gun for protection. I always tell them, "If you think it's a place that you'll need a gun, then don't go there" http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/arizona-police-shooting-walmart-store-kills-22543961
  6. I was able to use Firefox on my Mac to create a digital ID. The biggest issue is that when you first access the site, it does a Java check. If it can't immediately run, it fails. During the time that it initiates, if you immediately press the "X" in the browser to stop it from loading, you should be able to allow the Java app to run. Once you allow the Java app to run, it essentially "approves" the site. Once the site is approved, you can reload the page and all should be well. You're gonna have to be fast on the keys to make this work. Use the delete button to reload the page and have the cursor over the reload icon in the browser URL field. Mac OS 10.8.4 FireFox 26.0 Java 1.7
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