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  1. Submitted 2/4. (previous prints) Expired 3/13 QC_Verified 4/3 QC_Approved 4/23 Active 5/13 Over two months of "free carry". The dam seems to have broke yesterday.
  2. I checked mine a few minutes ago and now the inspect element doesn't show the QC_verified approved. What gives? Could it finally be going active?
  3. Mine has been sitting at QC_APPROVED since around April 3rd. Still under review. Applied 2/4. I'm guessing it should move to active this week? Coming up on 90 days.
  4. Submitted: 2/4 Expired: 3/13 QC_Approved: 4/3? Not sure. Still waiting/free carrying for over a month now.
  5. If by screwed you mean screwed into free carry compliments of Illinois' incompetence Free carry? I'm under the impression that I have to stop carrying AND teaching until I get the new license in the mail How does an instructor not know this?
  6. Good luck. I hope it gets resolved in your favor quickly. "A right delayed is a right denied".
  7. Got it! A million and one thanks to Todd, Valinda, Rep. Phelps and everyone else who worked tirelessly to make this happen.
  8. Approved tonight betwen 5:30-8:45 Here's to the rest of you guys and gals getting approved soon.
  9. I am another Lawn Dart victim. My timeline is the same. Applied 1/3 with prints. UBR'd 2/3-2/24 Back to UR 2/25 One misdemeanor 32 years ago. Got a visit from local PD last summer when an arrow went missing and a neighbor two doors down found it stuck in his stockade fence. The officer gave me back my arrow and told the neighbor to "lighten up a little". I held an ffl for three years and was printed and background checked as a locksmith years ago. Impatiently waiting, KW
  10. I got MINE! My new Tommy Theis holster that is........Still under review.
  11. What great news! This, coupled with a bonus at work means a trip (outside of Cook Count) this weekend to get a new edc gun. Hmmm, CM9, or LCR .357?
  12. This is like waving a dime bag of heroin in front of a room full of junkies. Nicely done, thanks.
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