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  1. Regardless of your location: 1. it is legal to purchase ammunition from a local FFL. 2. it is legal to purchase ammunition from an out-of-state FFL How would it not be legal to purchase ammunition from one FFL and accept delivery from another FFL, since that same type of transaction with firearms occurs multiple times every single day. The restriction on delivery to the address on your DL or FOID is designed primarily to prevent non-FOID holders from improperly gaining access to ammunition. FFLs are under obligation to verify that the person receiving the delivery actually has a FOID. And since delivery to a local FFL is not intended to circumvent the FOID law, but to comply with corporate policies that themselves do not comply with Illinois state law, it would be absurd to hold that this kind of delivery is improper or illegal.
  2. Shipping FFL to FFL is permitted, but shipping FFL to customer MUST be to the address on your FOID or DL. FFL to FFL ammo shipments are treated the same as firearm shipments. You, as the customer, are getting the ammo shipment from the receiving FFL, not the ammo seller. All governed by ATF regs, not Illinois requirements.
  3. From the Freedom Munitions website today: (July 18, 2016) under the heading of Terms and Conditions, subhead Restrictions: ILLINOIS CUSTOMERS: Must have current copy of FOID card and State Photo Identification, No sales of ammunition and/or magazines to the City of Chicago.
  4. Just confirming that Freedom Munitions will sell and ship to Chicago addresses - got my latest delivery yesterday (4/29/2016). Once they take your online order, you'll get an email from the sales department asking you to upload your driver's license and your FOID to your account info.
  5. In the 80's, when everyone was frantic about AIDS, there were proposed plans to quarantine these patients to prevent the spread of the disease. That ended pretty quickly when the the brains at CDC realized it would do nothing but drive the victims underground. The current law does exactly the same thing - keeping people who need help from getting it. Fits with the VA restricting the rights of veterans because they need help managing their finances.
  6. They were some of the first people I contacted and were very friendly, said they would review the law with their lawyer. I'll definitely add them once their website has been updated. As of today, the website has the correct information.
  7. That law hasn't been on the books for years. Me, too. I spent a few minutes in live chat with CSR, and everything he came back with on restrictions was wrong. The only part of his reply that I resented was his statement that the legal dept "constantly reviews" the laws. Obviously, they don't.
  8. I've been working on the House contact information, and one of the people I spoke with mentioned that the phone system in the Stratton Office Building is being switched, and the numbers may be unreliable. They just got some of the new members office numbers up on the directory, and virtually no district office numbers are listed. Feel free to pm me with updates including email addresses, district office phone numbers/fax numbers, Springfield fax numbers. I'll add them to the database. Thanks in advance for helping.
  9. Much like "But Rabbit, I wasn't going to eat it - I was just going to taste it." - Pooh Bear or " We had to destroy the village in order to save the village" - Major Booris on the destruction of Ben Tre, Viet Nam
  10. Vehicle safe harbor provision applies, so you're good. And no need for it to be unloaded. The major concern, to my mind, is the security of the firearm IN the car while you are away. Lots of incidences of cars in airport parking lots being broken into while the owner is off in the wild blue yonder. Stop, disarm, and secure your firearm BEFORE you get to the airport so no one can observe you doing that.
  11. Rock Island Arsenal is definitely a Federal GFZ, and as a military installation is governed by their own rules, not Illinois law. There are also a number of local gun shops in the area. Maybe you could give one of them a call and see if you could "park" your firearm with them while you are on the military installation? Maybe have it "checked by the gunsmith" while you are at the Arsenal?
  12. You should have known - we're all on double secret probation!
  13. I'm not Molly, but I'll give you my opinion anyway...the prime determinant of whether or not it is a GFZ is ownership. If the county fair is held at the county-owned fairgrounds (as in most states and counties), then it falls under the "under the control of local government" provisions, and the question of special use or special event permits does not apply. If the location of the county fair is not governmentally owned, then you have to consider the permits.
  14. I believe NRA T&E would disagree with your assessment. If prior credit is bring claimed, it doesn't matter when it was completed or who taught it. It's 8 hours prior verified and 8 CCL hours taught. NRA Basic Pistol is not concealed carry curriculum. It is an approved replacement for part of the 16 hrs requirement. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk +1 I see CLIC as a second 8 hour curriculum. I do not recall BP being part of CLIC, nor do I recall seeing a curriculum ID issued to Basic Pistol. I see the problem. I made the assumption that you had your own curriculum! If you do not have your own curriculum #, then you are stuck with VERIFYING 8 hours for Basic Pistol (even though you provided the instruction) because you don't have a number that includes it (you are right, there is no number for BP on it's own, and there could not be. It doesn't include everything you need to meet the state requirements). Then you have to add another curriculum (like CLIC) for the second 8 hours. If you have your own curriculum number, you can include BP as the first day of that curriculum, removing the need for keeping the BP cert for state purposes.
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