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  1. Oh, and the penalties for instructors falsifying training documents. (class A misdemeanor)
  2. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is that lost or stolen firearms must be reported to local law enforcement within 72 hours of the discovery that the firearm is missing. I think it was effective 01/01/2014? It wasn't in original curriculum, I remember adding it in.
  3. Any update yet with 3-hour renewal curriculum?
  4. Well, if your dog's name is Wally, that would qualify. Congrats and stay safe.
  5. It is my understanding that the legislature has 30 days from the date the bill passed both houses to send it to the governor, regardless of the date the legislative session ends. There are still clerks working in Springfield.
  6. And it falls well within the scope of the 2A--knives are "arms." QFT
  7. Except for the residency requirements, they should accept it. But then again, this is Illinois...
  8. Mail the form to your parents out of state so they can sign and have it notarized. Then they can mail it to you or ISP, depending.
  9. None of their Illinois facilities are compliant, even the Genesis Silvis Hospital campus, formerly known as Illini Hospital. They have been made aware of the law, and their posting requirements. They just don't seem to care.
  10. $$ So, if you're a judge, you're supposed to form an opinion first, then find case law from other jurisdictions to support your opinion, instead of reading the relevant case law and basing your opinion on that. Okay, got it! $$
  11. I find it curious that in the Order and Memorandum, the judge cites cases from OUTSIDE the 7th Circuit (Masciandro, for example) that contradict Moore v. Madigan, which is the most recent, on point precedent in this circuit.
  12. Very nicely stated! Unfortunately, I don't think a judge who was so obtuse as to deny the plaintiff her rights will see the logic in these arguments either. That is sad.
  13. Incorrect. Your CCL can be used in lieu of your FOID when TRANSPORTING any firearm, unloaded and in a case. But you cannot CARRY (not enclosed in a case) a loaded or unloaded rifle with your CCL or your FOID.
  14. Should be two separate envelopes. I don't know why they don't always arrive together. They started issuing new FOID cards with new numbers to match the CCL number. It was 6-12 months after the first CCLs came rolling out, I think.
  15. State offices are closed today, I think. Lincoln's Birthday.
  16. Have him contact his state representative and/or state senator. Make sure he tells them ISP is in violation of the law by not issuing or denying a CCL within the required time.
  17. On 9/30, instead of a plan for the PI, they OBJECTED to the PI. So, their separate proposed injunction order is to have no injunction, in other words. They seem to be making a habit of thumbing their collective nose at the court. Good way to piss off a federal judge.
  18. Issue noted - thanks for giving it a week. We can revert this if need be - anyone else notice this behavior? Let me be more specific about the problems I'm having. I see 0's everywhere for post counts in every thread. Usually when the post count is highlighted in green, it means unread posts in that thread. But I see green highlighted zeros in threads that that I have read and haven't been received new posts in days. When I click on a thread, it takes me to the page with the first unread post, but the display at the top says it's on page 1 of the thread regardless of which page I'm actually reading. TapaTalk just put out an update last week, which I installed. However, I don't see this behavior on other forums. Is anyone else having these issues? I'm using TapaTalk for Android on my Evo. Doesn't Federal Farmer use TapaTalk for Android? Thanks for looking in to this.
  19. I've been having problems with TapaTalk since the update last week. It doesn't show unread posts for each thread, and doesn't always go to the newest unread post/page. Other forums seem to be working okay with TapaTalk, but I don't visit other forums as often as I come here...
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