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  1. Darn,are there no good attorneys (I know,oxymoron) in the southern half of the state?
  2. You can sure count me into that bunch. I didn't lose anything in Chicago and if I did, I wouldn't go looking for it. I've seen Navy pier,Buckingham fountain, LSD, Wrigley Field, the old Cominsky Park,been downtown; emm I guess that's it. That's all I want to see.
  3. I'd rather have the no waiting period when trading in a similar firearm.That is about the stupidest law we have.
  4. Let's keep those in the Volunteers Needed Thread and this thread a cleaner reference for bills we're watching. I know there's some redundancy in having 2 threads. In the past, different people were handling the different functions but, for a variety of reasons, I'm doing both. I realize now that in trying to duplicate what came before I probably caused some confusion. Next year I'll fine tune some things. I understand.Some of the bills that people post will have to be edited,so it would be a mess here.Thanks
  5. Any passed LTC statute would be an improvement. However, I think you should restate this. The ISP is the issuing authority as best I can tell, although it is another bill that tries to pay off the sheriffs by cutting them in on the deal. Essentially this bill sets up the sheriffs as the gatekeepers. I would say what I really think about why the sheriffs were put in previous bills this way, but it would get deleted since we are no longer allowed to speak freely about anything here. I think that last time,we needed the Sheriff's Assn"s help and approval.Not sure we do anymore,but no use pissing them off just the same.Of course my sheriff is pro-carry,so maybe I'm being biased. Anyways mauser,is this where we are supposed to post the bills we were assigned?
  6. That is EXACTLY right! Indiana verbiage - "License to Carry a Handgun" Yep, I agree. Since we have the upper hand for once, I'd like to see both concealed and open carry. Don't know if I'd ever want to open carry, but it would be nice to have that option from the get go, instead of fighting for it at some point in the future. I ain't really gung ho for open carry as I am for there being no penalty with accidental printing.
  7. I already did: Here you go Hey that's pretty cool. Can we get that up in the banner section somehow?
  8. This is why I was shocked that the stay was only 180 days. I still cant believe it. Oh they will pass a law in the time limit;you can bank on that.Otherwise law enforcement will have absolutly no power to arrest anyone with a FOID anywhere in the state.
  9. Well I still believe in private property rights,just not with the force of law.
  10. YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon: :Drunk emoticon:
  11. I would love both a car and a bed holster.Wish there was a way with your list as to where you could find a specific type holster.Sorry,just had to whine about something. Nevermind,I'm a dumba$$
  12. If this is fact,why have the other lawsuits concerning UUW? I think its the extent which is in question, and of course, every "new" decision needs subsequent suits to serve as tests. Also, IL GA has proven that they are incapable of operating proactively [concerning right to carry]. They must fail in the courts before they initiate the typical "reactive" legislation. Lawsuits can only address the particular facts of the case. So while the court found that 2A extends beyond the home the only issue of the case was whether they could ban commercial firing ranges. Ah ok,thanks.
  13. If this is fact,why have the other lawsuits concerning UUW?
  14. Thanks! This is what my original question actually was. It is the main piece of the ordinance that makes it difficult for me to comply (as a practical matter). Well that and the 12 round limit I just hate to throw away 3 perfectly good 17 rounders, that come in the box. I will go lookup that case name, now. Don't throw them away.....I'll take 'em.
  15. What the heck?I can't view the movie.When I click on the link,it just goes to a blank page.
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