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  1. I renewed mine Nov of 2020 (card exp listed as Feb 2021), my wife renewed hers in Oct, 2020. She's had her card for 2 months now...I still have nothing.
  2. Yes, with a name like Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, you know the media isn't going to shove on this one too hard.
  3. This is a semi-related note...how is it that we have someone in the House that is nearly 88 freaking years old? Most Americans don't even live that long. How can that woman even have a slight understanding as you how she should represent people in this modern age? I'm 43, she was my age in 1976, for crying out loud!
  4. Seems simple enough to me, gum up the entire "background check" system to the point where its inoperable. They're not taking guns away, they're not telling you that you cannot have one...nope, they'll just leave you in BG check limbo forever. At an absolute minimum, that's 4 weeks waiting if they simply do not respond to the request and the seller is forced to submit a petition. A. What a load of tripe. B. This is going to really stink for sellers when they have to pay attention to all of the data on this garbage and file for petitions for every single buyer.
  5. Words of Wisdom, Mauserme, I couldn't agree more. If I'm not mistaken this is a Gun Rights forum. I have had hundreds of people take my CC Classes. They all had ONE THING in common, they wanted to be able to protect themselves and family with a firearm. Most, I have no idea of their political affiliation (nor care) I know some to be die hard long time Democrats and some to be Republicans. It's been awhile but wasn't some Democrat named Brandon trying to pass concealed carry before (and after) the court said we had too? Just this last session a Republican named Brad introduced a bill to tighten cc reporting requirements with police interaction. I welcome anyone that supports the right of self defense. Nope. We've picked up a few, but just a few and I don't know how long we'll keep those. I cite the "2A-Barbara Streisand effect": Anti-gun, but surrounds self with armed guards and has CC in hard impossible to get "may issue" state. I also cite the FUDs that hunt or shoot clays but are adamant that "no one needs a weapon of war" that think a "sporting purposes" clause emanates from a penumbra of the Second Amendment. We have no common ground with them. We are an abomination they neither associate with nor seek common cause. We are the illogical ones that won't listen to their reasoning. They reason with their emotions, our facts are of little use to them, and frankly, they are offended that we persist in attacking them with facts when they have such powerful emotions. I'll openly admit that I'm pessimistic, but I agree with you. We need people on our side who take firearm ownership seriously. Not new owners because they bought one in a panic, not buy a gun then shove it in a sock drawer somewhere, and definitely not a "Well I'm a gun owner but I agree, common sense laws taking weapons of war off the streets is exactly what we need" fudd. Most of those people will continue to vote in politicians who will openly threaten firearm owners rights.
  6. Short answer yes, they believe that, just like they believe if they make it harder for law abiding gun owners to get guns lawfully the criminals will just give up on getings guns illegally. I've tried to speak rationally to people who are really against firearm rights and all I've taken from it is that they go almost 100% off of feelings, not facts. Try to present any facts to them and they walk over it like poo on the sidewalk. They feel guns are evil, they feel there is an "epidemic of gun violence", the feel that banning them would clear up the problem they feel exists. They will not listen to any data you attempt to provide them with. I often get ridiculed and called something on the lines of a "gun-nut"... This is no different than when I was debating the police-civilian death rate. With around 1000 civilians killed by police yearly, when you take in account the estimated 50,000,000+ police-civilian encounters and add in the data that of those 1000, a vast majority of them were violent criminals...it doesn't paint much of a picture in favor of out of control police brutality. I got called a bootlicker and a racist for pointing that information out. But they feel there is an issue, therefore there is.
  7. Yet they keep on voting for them...I cannot wrap my head around it.
  8. 1000% Let the NAACP get a hold of that one if it passes. Charging someone to exercise a constitutional right is illegal. A FOID card is darn near exactly that same thing as a poll tax. Making it even more costly and adding another layer like mandatory fingerprinting makes that even more costly. Idiot politicians want to keep comparing this to a driver's license...despite the fact that driving a car on public funded roads is not a constitutional right. Privately owning a firearm is. Hasn't a high level Ill court already overturned a criminal conviction of a lady who had an old firearm, but never had a FOID? If I remember correctly, they found that simply not having a FOID doesn't legally make one ineligible to own a firearm, it's a catch-22.
  9. My approval finally went through today. So purchased on 8-14,cleared on 8-26.
  10. 4/5 of my background checks in August have come back approved. The first one from 3 weeks ago is the only one still delayed. Figure they would go in order of when received. Weird. I get the system being gummed up...as frustrating as that is. What I do not get is how random it is with approvals. That make no sense to me.
  11. I purchased a firearm on the 14th, I'm still waiting for the BG check to clear. Really frustrating.
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