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  1. You can sure count me into that bunch. I didn't lose anything in Chicago and if I did, I wouldn't go looking for it.
  2. Except that Quin would veto it and we would have to override it with the supermajority
  3. I like it. I still have nine years to go before it effects me, but this crap has got to stop. At first, I thought it was good people doing the best they could, but now it seems obvious that the problem is politically made. Of course, it would take a super majority it both houses which means that maybe we should attach it to our carry bill
  4. I agree whether you are talking about FOID or RTC permit. They don't seem to have a problem with the issuance of Drivers Licenses or License Plate stickers. No these are political shenanigans. If charged with a crime for not having a FOID when the check had been cashed much earlier, I doubt that you would go to jail, but you would have legal expenses. That is wrong, but what is worse is that you would not be able to buy ammo or a new gun until the ISP finally gets around to doing their job. And that is, of course, another reason for the FOID to be done away with but before we get ahead of ourselves it may become the only thing that we will need in order to exercise our Second Amendments rights if the anti-crowd refuses to take "YES" for an answer and insist that we completey subjugate ourselves and compromise more that we have already done. I don't see why an amendment could not be attached to almost any bill accomplishing the acceptance of a canceled check as the actual FOID if the ISP fails to deliver it within the legally required time. If we did that and the governor or the general assembly were to play games with the matter, it would probably be a fairly easy thing to find a court that would create a situation similar to what we have with the Seventh Circuit now.
  5. Okay, I want to be clear. HB154 is not the bill that we want to get behind is it. The one we want is yet to come and is currently being put into the proper legal form for submission to the house. Is that correct?
  6. Assuming that we get a RTC law within the 180 days, the state will have the ball in their court then and could do a slow walk to the implementation stage It could conceiveably take years and more court battles just to get a law implemented. I am sure that Todd and the movers and shakers are well aware of the pitfalls moving forward but if out-of-state non-resident permits were grandfathered in and made valid from day 1 for Illinois residents who have them as well as out-of-state permits for residents from other states the motive for slow walking implementation would be negated. I think that whatever we don't get in the first bill will be a long time coming if we decide to not go for the most sweeping RTC law ever enacted short of Constitutional Carry. I would be interested to hear anyone explain what the downside of simply letting the time expire would be. Seriously! I am sure that there is a downside, but is it worse than insisting of the best RTC law ever passed. Missouri has a good law, but we can do a lot better now that we have the momentum. They should have taken our offer.
  7. Wouldnt they then be setting themselves up for many very expensive lawsuits for wrongful arrest and maybe suits for infringing on a constitional right. Yes. That would be a textbook 1983 case, and the fact that the 7th Circuit explicitly held the law unconstitutional would likely be enough to destroy qualify immunity and open the door to personal liability. Can't see why anyone would risk it. In a sane world all of that would be true, but this is Illinois and even though a guy with a FOID card has an unload firearm in a fanny pack is legal, it is entirely possible that he could be arrested and even go to trial. It has happen, though not so much lately. Of course, there is always the good old standby of Disorderly Conduct or Disturbing the Peace. Regardless, the idea of constitutional carry has its appeal.
  8. I have heard it said that if no bill is passed arrests will continue to be made even though the law is unconstitutional. Frankly, since concealed means concealed I would be willing to take my chances of getting caught if I knew that I had an affirmative defense.
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