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  1. Probably not. I'm sure that this is why ISRA was neutral on the last disaster...... Maybe they were hoping that if they just rolled over, Illinois would give us suppressors..... Not holding my breath on that one
  2. ISRA is probably going to FUDD it up and come out again as "neutral". With friends like that, who needs enemies.
  3. It's been over a month, so here's the first update: I filled out the FFL application and sent a copy to the county sheriff. I decided to fingerprint myself, I thought it would be easier and quicker. WRONG The only fingerprint cards I had were already addressed to Florida and Arizona concealed carry (I used them for fingerprint practice) so I ordered blanks from ebay plus an ink pad from a different supplier. The cards arrived in 4 days, the ink pad took 19 from Indiana. Post marked on the 10th arrived on the 29th. Application mailed on Dec 31, 2020 Watching bank account for debit card to be charged I've printed myself (rolled my own) several times. You can print the fingerprint cards (form FD-258) on heavy card stock (similar to resume paper) and cut to size. For ink, go to Office Depot and buy a ink stamp pad. All have been accepted so far by BATFE. Also, you can order the print cards from BATFE (for FREE).
  4. I've done several EForm Form 1s that all came back approved within 15 to 18 days (business days, not calendar). Last one was earlier this year.
  5. If you build your own (Form 1) and use EForms, its about 15-18 days.
  6. The Village of Deerfield’s appeal has been dismissed for lack of jurisdiction, which was Mr. Sigale's argument. Easterday Opinion of 061219.pdf Looks like he remembered to file his paperwork on time in this case and not wait until literally the last minute.....
  7. Do you realize how pointless a metal detector at Wal-Mart would be? Virtually every customer would set the detector off. Just think about the number of completely mundane objects, which contain metals that most people have on their person on a daily basis... Keys, cellphone, belts, clothing (jackets, purses, etc), hats. That is not even taking into account how many people push shopping carts into and out of the store every minute. Or even how many products have metal in them (food packaging, electronics, toys, etc). It was probably just something malfunctioning..... You are worried about nothing.
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