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  1. Guys, the number is your FOID number with 14 (current year) in front of it. Highest, lowest permit number is irrelevant.
  2. Just received my permission slip. I am northside in Chicago proper, Crook Co. Like I said earlier. If you're doing it right, today should be like any other. That's my plan for today.
  3. In other news, A Magical Unicorn was spotted today trotting down Michigan Avenue.
  4. Of course this won't happen, but if the FCCA is only an exception to an unconstitutional laws, perhaps it should be scrapped all together. Maybe we need to start all over with a whole new law. Now, with this ruling in place, what do you think that might look like? like I said, I doubt it'll happen. But it sure is interesting.
  5. Not CCW...............Bear......big difference I agree, but if you reword it as BEAR ARMS outside the home, the question remains. I think I see the next chink in the armor. That is all.
  6. I am going out on a limb to post this. I will absolutely not give out a name, but about two months ago, I was told by a CPD officer first hand that they are not currently enforcing UUW unless it is a non FOID, known gang member or involving another crime or an assault weapon. These questions you all are asking are exactly why. Even the state's attorneys don't exactly know the answers.
  7. Wait, so it is now my constitutional right to ccw outside my home. Is it also my right to carry said weapon on the cta or in a city park? Those folks who said the NRA/ISRA sold us out probably won't understand the true meaning of the question, but perhaps there is a logic to the steps taken after all. I am as pro 2A as anyone this board, but I can also see the reality of our situation. It gives me a certain clarity as to the current chain of events.
  8. I thought it meant, "You're only half as smart as you think you are." I guess that's pretty close too.
  9. Let's talk by pm.


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