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  1. I really really hate this state. Thanks for making sense on what's going on with this bill.
  2. Please forgive me here. I have a couple questions. I have a gun shop that I hang around. So far as doing transfer of used guns he said he's not going to do it. He said he said he pulls in inventory of new guns where he can get it and when he gets it in it's gone as after he's log's it in. He said he had no time for it. Now I tried to read the bill speak or whatever you call it. Now their doing a deeper checking of hospital and DPH records. The 90s we're bad times for me but never got any in trouble. Got fix myself fixed up and went on. So when my foid is up for renewal and when they run my medical do I lose my foid? I seen people who come on here with 20 and more years ago that they were in a hospital begging for help. I have no idea what they were put in the put in the hospital for. Please be kind to me I'm putting some pretty personal stuff out here for the very first time and I don't don't know how people how members will react. But I'm much be better now.
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