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    How do you know that these guy were really deputies and not some criminals using phony uniforms and forged paperwork? Criminals could impersonate law enforcement officers and potentially confiscate guns and ammo as well as a FOID card. Criminals could probably alter a FOID card to enable them to buy guns and/or ammo.

    I really cant know for sure. That same question is bothering me too. I have a video of the 20min visit. I can share it via PM if you like to see it. I live in a very decent area of DuPage county where police is present everywhere (160k population). It would be very risky for outsiders to impersonate law enforcement officers in the middle of the day next to a very busy street.


    Wait...You're in DuPage?!

    Total scam job. Call the...gulp...ATF...as well as ISP and report the attempted theft.

    But how did he get found out as a foid card holder???

    Followed home from gun store, Facebook. Lotsa ways.

  2. This is gonna get reaaaal good.


    "05/22/2013 17 ATTORNEY Appearance for Defendant Anita Alvarez by Paul Anthony Castiglione (Castiglione, Paul) (Entered: 05/22/2013)" and a second Cook County ASA also filed a docket entry appearing on behalf of Alvarez, but Castiglione is lead on this...oh dear. Berlin has one of his ASAs representing him.


    Isn't Castiglione the yahoo who testified that the decision in Moore is only advisory since the Illinois Supreme Court hasn't ruled on the issue?



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