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  1. As Molly B said, it's been on the radar for a year.Why is she posting about it now?
  2. Wait...You're in DuPage?! Total scam job. Call the...gulp...ATF...as well as ISP and report the attempted theft. But how did he get found out as a foid card holder???Followed home from gun store, Facebook. Lotsa ways.
  3. The number you tried to scratch out, 708-865-4700, is a legit cook county sheriff number.
  4. That letter doesn't look like something any sheriff department would do. It's very brief and not the typical word salad that a government agency would put out. Almost looks like a weakly put together fake.
  5. Send a message to Valinda Rowe and Todd Vandermyde.
  6. According to a posting on the firing line the drake listed isn't our drake.
  7. Conference results were posted. Drake wasn't listed as being granted. There is a drake under denied but has a bunch of other names I don't recognize.
  8. I had a dream this morning that Drake got denied for cert. I woke up thinking how ridiculous the court was being and that this crap needs to stop. Then I realized it was still Sunday. Stressed much?
  9. So lets say a person convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence gets a FOID. Wouldn't he or she still be in violation of federal law? What about FFLs and the 4473 forms? Wouldn't the individual have to write down that they were convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence?
  10. I read almost all of the opinion and from what I can tell the court said that basically NYC can charge whatever it wants as long as it helps defray the cost. So if NYC managed to make it cost $2000 they could charge $1500 and more to the citizen.
  11. Isn't Castiglione the yahoo who testified that the decision in Moore is only advisory since the Illinois Supreme Court hasn't ruled on the issue? Ayup.
  12. Complaint doc was a good read. Wake me up in two years when this concludes...
  13. So what you're saying is that she's not totally against the idea?
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