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  1. Sellers don't have to show foid to buyers. Buyers have to show foid to seller. The information requirement is a one way street. All those people that have contacted you are either scammers, anti gun groups posing as prohibited people, or cops with nothing better to do than to jam people up. Cough cough Tom Dart cough. No reason to send anyone your SSN.
  2. The worthless commies will be back. Don’t forget the BS game they played with the dealer licensing bill. Sat on it until that fat piece of crap was in office.
  3. ISRA wants to appeal the ruling and illinois supreme court is letting them.
  4. As Molly B said, it's been on the radar for a year.Why is she posting about it now?
  5. Because it violates the FCCL provisions or because it's actually unconstitutional?
  6. Wait...You're in DuPage?! Total scam job. Call the...gulp...ATF...as well as ISP and report the attempted theft. But how did he get found out as a foid card holder???Followed home from gun store, Facebook. Lotsa ways.
  7. The number you tried to scratch out, 708-865-4700, is a legit cook county sheriff number.
  8. That letter doesn't look like something any sheriff department would do. It's very brief and not the typical word salad that a government agency would put out. Almost looks like a weakly put together fake.
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