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  1. I think you need 10 posts to see the sale section
  2. Still holding the purse strings tho. Not rid of him yet.
  3. This seems like a decent interpretation of all of that confusing "mumbo jumbo" about whether or not they they could hear the case. So if the FOID does not apply to the home, how does this person in the case, purchase new ammo, make sure the firearm is working and trains with it (takes it to the range), or purchase a new replacement one for use in the home? They can not do any of those things without a valid FOID, which means the FOID is in the way of "Home use"? Does this also mean that you can not, as an illinois resident go hunting without a FOID? It would mean (at best), the FOID is a purchase/transportation permit. It would mean you could let your FOID expire and possess previously acquired firearms/ammo, you just could not bring them beyond your property line without renewing your FOID. If they strike the legal requirement for mere possession in the home, the ISP will truly have a **** show on their hands. But as soon as you FOID is expired the state police send out to locals to retrieve your firearms and fill out a report till FOID is renewed. I think the IL supreme court just caused more problems for the courts and police than they bargained for.
  4. Then don't do anything at all with the FOID. They should issue you a new yellow one with a matching FOID number to that of the CCL. It will have same expiration date, but you will get a new card.
  5. I wouldn't do anything till your CCL has cleared and you have recieved it. Do you have one of the old FOID cards or the new yellow one? if you have an old one, they will send you a new matching number FOID card.
  6. Gpop, yep your approved awaiting printing. Joe, your still in a holding pattern.
  7. here is what mine says when i double click my status so that it's highlighted then i right click and select inspect. Highlighted area showed this. <span class="ACTIVE">Active</span>
  8. illinois is famous for not shredding what they are supposed to shred. So very well could be they have some note that they had interactions with you that wouldn't show up in reports.
  9. You need a FOID to purchase, not to sell. There is the gray area of possessing with out a FOID, but because of the estate, i think there is a legal buffer zone so to speak. I vaguely remember something being mentioned about it on this forum. Where and when i don't know. Or my mind is mixing up laws. But i agree above, best thing to do is contact a reputable gun shop and see if they will process it.
  10. I stand corrected. Thought i read other elsewhere. Maybe was different version of bill.
  11. Think you renew button happens 90 days prior to expiring. I don't think there was a grandfather clause in that bill so you would still have to get it updated and finger printed even if you had a brand new FOID.
  12. It is still 30 days for new FOIDs, They have 60 days for renewals and FOID remains active during that time. So are some people actually getting their first FOID card in 30 days from when they applied? My brother and wife applied (jan 27th) to approved was 20 something days and till card in hand was another 3 days. My brother in law applied (feb 14th) to approved was 14 days but till card in hand was another 10-12 days.
  13. I think we would have to wait for the case to be final before that route is traveled. Who knows it might get over turned on appeal.
  14. I know the 30 vs 60, the being active during renewal was a new one i didn't know about, my bad on that one. I was only answering on the question as to why no one has sued the ISP for going over the time frame, i just used the 60 from renewal in my example. ETA: i edited previous post to clarify.
  15. I think some have tried. previously it was 30 days not its 60 days, you would have to wait to file suit till after the 60 day mark. The courts go so slow that when you finally get a date 4 months later, your FOID has been issued and the case is now moot. Now if an organization or lawyer was able to do file a class action based on infringement or undue stress by not getting your FOID in time, that would stick around and make it to court. No one wants to foot the bill for that court battle. So in the mean time, the ISP are in a position that they can disregard the time frame with out punishment. A bill needs t be brought forward that if the ISP goes over said time frame, the card cost should be refunded to the person. This, in my own 2cents, would be the best way forward to ensure the time frame is met. But a bill like that wouldn't get anywhere in this state either. ETA: i was using renewal in my example instead of new applicant. Sorry about that. Got mixed up between and another convo i was having. Replace the 60 for renewal with 30 for new applicant and it still applies why no one has sued them over this law.
  16. Any word on Cook? I havent gotten a response yet.
  17. For some reason the way this is worded it reminded me of Not A Cop on twitter.
  18. Man when i moved and got my address changed and renewed it as it was close anyways. i had it in 12 days. I always knew i was lucky at the time, but damn was i super lucky,
  19. What numbers are you looking? Are you looking at a particular county or the over all? over all 4% of foid holders are carrying. .5% of the state are carrying.
  20. Oh damn it. I didn't know there was a discount code. Oh well. Only would have saved buck or 2. I'll have to remember to look better the next time i order. Got some buddies that will probably try and buy mine from me.
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