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    Thanks to everyone's efforts this bill was not called for a vote in the House after being passed back to them by the Senate. HB1092, another threat, was not called in the House either.
    We are safe for now but they will never respect our rights.
    Rest up. Be ready for the Fall Veto Session.


    Apologies ahead of time, I am just learning how to navigate how our state and federal government operates, but did this actually pass? https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/BillStatus.asp?GAID=16&GA=102&DocNum=562&DocTypeID=HB&SessionID=110&LegID=128640&SpecSess=&Session=


    Looking at "Actions" on the bottom of the page in the link:


    5/31/2021 Senate

    Third Reading - Passed; 040-017-000


    The available PDF shows 40 'YEAS' and 17 'NAYS' on the Third Reading.


    This is my first post, and I am almost embarrassed to say I didn't realize this forum existed.


    Thank you for all the work being done here.


    It passed the house, then went to senate. Senate added an amendment. Passed senate but because of amendment it had to go back to house for a revote and it never got revoted in the house.

  2. I'll throw my 2 cents in here.


    I think the ISP is making an effort to send out FOID's and FCCL's quickly to help their lawsuit that was filed against them by the ISRA due to their delays.


    I think they want to go into court and say, "see we're getting these out ahead of the required time" hence trying to make their lawsuit against them moot.


    Just my opinion,

    Wasn't one of their upgrades to automate the FOID renewals and applications and only if something comes up then the system kicks it to an operator. If that system is in place now, that could be what we are seeing, and everyone that is stuck in limbo for months if not years. They are still stuck in the old system of everything being done one by one by hand.

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