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  1. Like they don't already have a list of non vaccinated already...
  2. In another FOID/CCL update thread, they said they will be issuing everyone a new combo card this year.
  3. I would assume the director and the board members would have to update the bylaws.
  4. i think you can renew using the automated phone system can't you?
  5. Also only applies to ones that you changed your DL or ID to if I remember correctly. If you stayed on some ones spare bedroom for a month they arn't looking for that.
  6. I think new members have always needed atleast 10 posts in order to see the backroom.
  7. I gotta renew soon. Hope I don't hit any new bugs in their system. What a waste of a ssytem.
  8. yea you can do that, one of your parents would have to have a FOID. Seems like the simpler solution would to get an alarm system yourself of some type and a good safe.
  9. He sounds mentally unstable and unsafe. Sure hope he doesn't own any firearms...
  10. Apologies ahead of time, I am just learning how to navigate how our state and federal government operates, but did this actually pass? https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/BillStatus.asp?GAID=16&GA=102&DocNum=562&DocTypeID=HB&SessionID=110&LegID=128640&SpecSess=&Session= Looking at "Actions" on the bottom of the page in the link: 5/31/2021 SenateThird Reading - Passed; 040-017-000 The available PDF shows 40 'YEAS' and 17 'NAYS' on the Third Reading. This is my first post, and I am almost embarrassed to say I didn't realize this forum existed. Thank you for all the work being done here. It passed the house, then went to senate. Senate added an amendment. Passed senate but because of amendment it had to go back to house for a revote and it never got revoted in the house.
  11. House: Democrats: 73 Republicans: 45 Senate: Democrats: 41 Republicans: 18 so yes appears so. 71 needed for house and 36 for senate.
  12. I think just about everyone on this board is with ya on that one.
  13. Wasn't one of their upgrades to automate the FOID renewals and applications and only if something comes up then the system kicks it to an operator. If that system is in place now, that could be what we are seeing, and everyone that is stuck in limbo for months if not years. They are still stuck in the old system of everything being done one by one by hand.
  14. Thats close Its created using the first letter of your last name..... the soundex code of your last name..... first initial code + last initial code..... year.. and a formula consisting of the calendar day and gender of your birth For men, the last 5 digits of an IL driver’s license are the year of your birth and the Julian date of your birthday (001= Jan 1, 365 = Dec 31). hmmm my number is wrong then. My number is 3 days later than it should be.
  15. I believe they are asking for official address's only. So what ever address's you have had on your license's or state ID's in that time. If you crashed on a buddies couch for a few months, that doesn't count.
  16. My sister applied for renewal feb 11th. Post office shows letter coming today from police. Should be her FOID. 10 weeks.
  17. CNN says it's a Ruger AR-556 pistol. The Ruger web site says nothing of using a brace as a shoulder stock. Biden has announced that he's issuing a gun control executive order Thursday. I'd say we should expect something about ATF regulation of rifle-caliber pistols and/or arm braces. Ironic that he used the exact gun that would help them tick off 4 of their gun control items in a single shooting. Braces, rifle based pistols, 30 round mags, background checks. Hmmmm how convenient.
  18. Sounds like they are afraid of an armed populous.
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