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  1. New Map. Georgia now honors the Illinois permit. Georgia now honors all other states.
  2. It is the Northern Mariana Islands and America Samoa that are non-issue. Guam has been Shall Issue June 2014.
  3. If you look at the legend on the map you will see that MI and SC are shown as Honoring Illinois Resident Permits Only. IL issues to some non-residents and they can't carry in MI or SC with an IL non-Resident permit. Those two states only honor resident permits from the states they honor.
  4. Applies to residents and non-residents of Georgia § 16-11-125.1 As used in this part, the term: (2.1) 'Lawful Weapons Carrier' means any person who is licensed or eligible for a license pursuant to Code Section 16-11-129 and who is not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing a weapon or long gun, any resident of any other state who would otherwise be eligible to obtain a license pursuant to such Code section but for the residency requirement, and any person licensed to carry a weapon in any other state.
  5. The king, The app is no longer. It died a much needed death! It was to simple and couldn't show all the quirks in how states honor each other. down load the attached maps and open in Microsoft Paint. You can edit it any way you want. Paint comes with windows no matter what version you have on your computer. I advise not to change the size of the map as it starts to distort very quickly. Everything on Handgunlaw.us is created with Microsoft Word, Excel and Paint. The map is just a copy and paste into a word doc and then that states page is saved as a PDF and Uploaded to the site. Once Steve designed the site and made the main page layout and a few other pages everything else is just a word or excel file saved as a PDF and uploaded to the site. Some hate PDFs but in the old days I use to code all the entries and it took forever. Reason I said OK to Steve in 2006 to start Handgunlaw.us was I wouldn't have to code. I still put in hours everyday. Building Handgunlaw.us was the easy part, Keeping it updated is all the work. Stay Safe,
  6. I missed marking WY as Permitless Carry on the first map. Sorry about that.
  7. http://s1096.photobucket.com/user/GarySlider/media/IllinoisCarry4_8_14_zpsaeajs2bf.png.html?sort=3&o=0 Link to new map showing states that honor Illinois.
  8. http://i1096.photobucket.com/albums/g327/GarySlider/IllinoisCarry4_8_14_zps5f8719b0.png I couldn't upload it to the site so will try this link for Photobucket where I uploaded it.
  9. They use to meet in April. The last couple years they didn't meet until later. They posted dropping Missouri and dated it July 1, 2013 but didn't post it until the last day of July 2013. When they meet and make their decision it will be made public. If they do agree to honor IL it will not become effective until July 1, 2014. That is the date they have used in the past to update their list for the year. If they do it should show up at this link around July 1st. One year they did post it weeks early but had the effective date as starting July 1st of that year.
  10. Here is a map that shows what states honor Illinois. It belongs to Illinois Carry and they can use it any way they desire. If there is a change I would be happy to update it for you. Just let me know. Be aware that if you change the size of the map it will lose a lot of clarity.
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