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  1. A big THANK YOU for posting this. I personally didn't even think about this. You would think the ISP would have given us a heads up. On second thought why would they want to help us out even a little. Dagnabit. +1 on this. I certainly would have never known otherwise and I would have gotten nailed. I planned on waiting until the day my NRA certs expired before renewing them and I sure wouldn't have thought to notify ISP.
  2. What method did they use to get this notice to you? Email. I asked them to confirm via fax or email. I got a simple 'Your instructor credentials have been updated' from the Instructor_Docs@isp email address.
  3. I'm not sure if it was the multiple FAX's or the email but I got a notice back this morning saying my credentials had been updated. Apparently it is possible to do this...
  4. Doubtful. The FAX machine feeds straight in to the shredder...
  5. I faxed mine *twice* and got a receive error both times. I did ask them on the fax cover to confirm receipt but I doubt they'll bother since they didn't bother to notify us in the first F&^%$! place. I suppose this means I'll also get to call ISP to make sure they got them. Edit: NP, I just scanned and emailed it too after seeing the email address listed. I marked the email for a return receipt. As if that will stop them from 'overlooking' what I sent.
  6. FFL in Paxton IL Sharp Consulting - Jim Sharp $27 transfer fee 217-379-3652 217-766-3314 firearms@sharpcs.com
  7. We have an Excell speadsheet that contains the student summary information and their qualifying score. We keep the numeric value, 23/30, 30/30 etc. of what they shoot when they qualify. Students also get their own file that contains any documents related to the their training. It's a pita but since it's electronic it's not that difficult to store. Entry just takes a little time.
  8. Application completed - 12/19/2013 Application approved - 2/27/2014 In my mailbox - 3/3/2014 I'm instructor and I live in Ford county near Paxton
  9. Are you sure that's a woman? And it occurs to me no matter how many guns you have and how experienced you are at hunting, you can't kill a Walmart thread. Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  10. A wrong turn perhaps? Because it's generally near the sporting goods department at Walmart.
  11. 14 pages and we've resolved with certainty exactly... What again? It's a prohibited area even if that wasn't their intent, as designated by the statement on the sign? All sort of bad things can happen if everything goes the wrong way? No one really knows what the ultimate outcome will be if indeed those bad things do happen? Few of us are willing to find out. Does that about cover it?
  12. Right. if we're passive enough maybe they'll throw us some crumbs. I just got done searching for the word pedantic. I don't understand it. I kept getting links to this thread... That is NOT was I am saying. There is a right and wrong way a push for expanded rights. This past summer, the OC'ers at Starbucks showed us the wrong way to do it. I would advise, as some have done, speaking to local management and escalating up the ladder if necessary. Simply ignoring the sign will not effect any positive change and if you get arrested for carrying there, you may very well end up as a poster child for the anti's. Well, I thought those Starbucks guys pulled an asinine stunt. It did no one any good that I can see and I didn't get the point other than it being simple attention whoring. As if the world needs more of that. This case is different though. I think it's clear to most lay people the intent of the sign Walmart posted even if it is somehow complicated and ambiguous to a lot of us. But the statement about applying only to employees seems straightforward enough to me as I think it would to most people. Their true intent and if it's legal to carry there or not is obviously subject to some ruling by a court if it came to that. But I doubt that it would for a variety of reasons. And frankly I'm not a bit worried about it. My point isn't to try to prove anything here. My object is to exercise my rights which I fully intend to do. If they meant for it to apply to everyone they should have left off the employees only statement. If they want to see me arrested because of that ambiguity then I suppose that's fine too. We'll let the legal system sort it out. I already made my choice. I wouldn't try to convince anyone that mine is the right one for them.
  13. Right. if we're passive enough maybe they'll throw us some crumbs. I just got done searching for the word pedantic. I don't understand it. I kept getting links to this thread...
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