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  1. They said in the "next batch" I asked when is the "next batch" They said they don't know. They have no idea.
  2. Just joined the community. New FOID. Clean record, approved in 7 days. That was Feb 9th. Took WEEKS to move from printer queue to printing. Printed once. Print date then changed a week later. I think I was part of an unlucky batch in March when their printer broke and their one, maybe two? essential employees went on vacay. As a result I'm waiting 97+ days and counting for a New FOID, which is against IL and Federal Law as usual, but nobody cares. I called and complained. They said they will "re-print" and add it to the pile. ETA who knows, tracking non-existent. Dear Lord. I know for a fact they never mailed me my card. I don't have any mail problems. Funniest joke of all is the exact same thing might happen again, and I have no recourse. I literally do not have a 2nd Amendment right.
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